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Fiat Panda, the new model will be Panda Mild Hybrid and more news

You are a motorist who travels a lot and wants to find a way for you save gas? There is no right formula, but a set of good habits to make you guarantee fuel savings. But also the right driving style.

The National Hydrocarbon Agency has identified saving parameters related to driving style. For example, maintaining temperature not too low or by turning off the air conditioner before going down, you can save up to 55 euros a year on gasoline.

When you drive avoid warming up machine, you will save up to two liters of fuel per month at a value of around 60 euros a year. When entering a higher gear when conditions allow, for example, prefer the fourth to the third when traveling at 40 Km / hour, it will allow you to get more than 40 euros a year (Source Enea).

So, this is enough to convince you to put everything you need save gas? Here are some tips for avoiding high fuel consumption when you travel. But even when you move in the city. It takes very little to make a good economy.

In the increasingly polluted world of automobiles and factories, sustainability has now become part of our way of thinking. If you don't want to destroy all the little good air that remains for us, cellphone manufacturing companies must really adapt to producing new models of sustainable cars, and that's why big companies Audi decided to invest in very ambitious projects that try to reproduce type of synthetic gasoline.

Today we want to talk about new things and innovations that are rather interesting not only for ecology, but also for performance and cost. We talked about synthetic gasolinesome of them may have heard it while others did not. The benefits that will be generated will be truly countless. Precisely with the arrival of debiomethane and diesel clean it seems that synthetic fuels that have been found will be coming soon but will appear soon. This news was announced directly by Audi car company which turned out to be one that has invested more in gasoline and diesel engines over the past few years, but is now ready to make a change by deciding to focus on environmentally friendly fuels. Because of that Audi decided to put himself at the forefront and for this reason he thought about synthetic gasoline with excellence not only in terms of costs, but also in terms of environmental impacts.

What is that? This is a fuel obtained directly from waste substances like biomass or biodegradable agricultural waste. Expectations regarding this type of gasoline are quite high. Sulfur and benzene will not be present in synthetic gasoline and this means that there is a very low level of emissions into the atmosphere. That did not end here because the car company Audi also collaborated with Bioenergy Global, a company that acquires diesel fuel from agricultural waste from France.

So soon the car manufacturer said he just wanted to use hydrogen and carbon dioxide to get this synthetic gasoline that it is not known whether it can also be used for existing cars or if modifications are needed. After all it's a problem rather ambitious project and like many other car manufacturers who are thinking of producing electric vehicles, Audi is committed to this truly innovative project.

Therefore Audi poses one goal, namely that tdeveloping the development of machines with high compression ratios, increase overall efficiency. This is certainly not the first time that the German carmaker has shown interest in innovation and research, and in fact since 2014 the team has been tasked with conducting several studies to create as many respectful vehicles and as many environments as possible working to find solutions for diesel, based on technology that uses electrolytes and carbon dioxide, is present in the air to make clean fuels. And have you ever heard of synthetic gasoline? what do you think?

How is the octane number of gasoline determined? The gasoline engine used in most cars operates through a series of time-controlled explosions. In the engine cylinder, the fuel is mixed with air, compressed, and then ignited by a spark. When the fuel used starts burning before sparking the wax due to heat compression, "knock on the head" occurs on the engine. The better the quality of the fuel, the less likely the engine will hit the head. The quality of the fuel is indicated by the octane number. Linear chain hydrocarbons have low octane numbers and make fuels worse. Heptane, for example, with an octane number given arbitrarily equal to 0, causing the machine to hit the head. Branch-chain alkanes have more hydrogen atoms associated with primary carbon. This is a bond that requires more energy to be released and, therefore, makes combustion more difficult to start, thus reducing beating. For example, 2,2,4-trimethyleptane does not cause heartbeat and is arbitrarily given a 100 octane number.

The octane number of gasoline is determined by comparing its anti-knock capacity with the anti-knock ability of heptane and 2,2,4-trimethylpentane mixture. The octane number given for gasoline corresponds to the percentage of 2,2,4-trimethylpentane in the appropriate mixture. Thus, gasoline with 91 octane numbers has the same anti-knock property as a mixture of 91% 2,2,4-trimethylpentane and 9% heptane. The term octane number comes from the fact that 2,2,4-trimethylpentane contains eight carbon atoms. Because several different methods are used to determine octane numbers, gasoline in Canada and the United States will have an octane number of 4 to 5 points lower than the same gasoline in Europe and Australia.

Avoid unnecessary loads to save fuel

We must avoid heavy loads. Traveling with a full car certainly affects the consumption and stability of the vehicle. Therefore, even for package carriers or ski carriers, moderate use must be used and used only if needed.

Useful loads can increase consumption by up to 40 percent: every extra kg requires fuel, gasoline or diesel for transportation. For this reason, if you want save fuel, try to empty the car regularly by removing what is not necessary.

Save fuel and maintain tires

Useful way: check the tires and maintenance. A healthy habit to not forget is the maintenance of tire pressure. Details that help you save money: the more tires are deflated and the greater the friction surface with the road. So the power needed to move the vehicle and fuel is spent.

It has been calculated that tire pressure drops 10% every four months, so it's necessary at least 3 checks a year. When the tire is flat, fuel consumption rises and the stability of the car decreases especially at high speeds.

You should check it when the tire is cold, at least once a month and before long lane. Tires change fuel consumption based on:

  • pressure: if it's too low, consumption increases because the crane's strength is greater, especially the rubber is easy to wear.
  • size: changes in tire size affect fuel use, so winter tires must be used only in winter and replaced with summer tires as soon as heat arrives.

Installing new car tires allows the vehicle to save fuel, but in general you have car inspection. Travel safer for you and the people around you. It also carefully evaluates changes in winter and summer tires.

Maintenance avoids high fuel consumption

Vehicle control saves both in terms of fuel and improves engine performance. First, clean the air filter, with one certain order. In fact, if it is dirty, it can be a source of fuel leakage. We also have to change oil at the scheduled deadline. To read: when do car reviews?

How to consume less fuel in the city

When you move the city the risk of taking a lot of gas lurking because nervous guide. When starting a vehicle, the first thing to avoid is to immediately burn the engine. In this way, consumption and usage increase.

Gradual acceleration This is a way to save fuel, and switching to higher gear is a good procedure. If you emphasize the machine, maintain the gear for a long time, you get a gradual wear process, with increased consumption.

So to save gas you have to drive calmly, avoid sudden braking and useless accelerators and only remove CO2 emissions. Other healthy habits are turning off the engine when you are lining up, or parking, at a traffic light.

In neutral, do you save gas or not?

When driving in neutral fuel is consumed it is not necessary. Minimal amount of gasoline to keep active machines consumed. It's better to always use gear because it acts as a brake for the same fuel emissions when you drive.

Do accessories consume more fuel?

Many ignore the hypothesis that has a difference electronic device activated does not affect fuel consumption, but having a radio or headlights is counterproductive. This device consumes batteries with greater difficulty in starting the engine and therefore wastes more fuel. The rule: turn off everything that is not needed.

How to save fuel from diesel cars

For those who have diesel-powered cars, the procedure that must be applied to save fuel is mainly related to the speed of travel.

that driving style it must be uniform, avoid reckless driving and unnecessary movement with the steering wheel, hard braking. You have to drive with the right gear, and change it every time the tachometer reaches 2,000 engine turns. Avoid unnecessary stress.

The sporty driver is always negative for fuel consumption, when it comes to diesel but not only. Then, even in this case it is necessary vehicle maintenance. In particular, the air filter must be cleaned and tire pressure checked. To save fuel, it's not enough to drive less, you also have to take care of your car.

If the air filter is dirty, the engine will be less efficient and consumption will increase! Also always make sure you have it inflated tires at the right pressure. The same speech, for the summer period, winter tires are prohibited. They are made in such a way as to guarantee excellent adhesion in the case of snow, and greater friction is equivalent to more consumption.

The car load greatly affects fuel consumption so it is better to travel light. Same forair conditioning, it's better to use it at high speed at an average temperature. Conversely, lowered windows must be avoided.

Among the types of suitable fuels, among the more performance, diesel gasoline that enable greater durability, the best compromise is hybrid engines. So, is it better for diesel or gasoline? Much depends on your use making it: for long trips, diesel can be the right choice for the city the second solution is preferred.

The last tip to save gasoline

The final advice, maybe the most absurd. You must use the car as little as possible and do daily activities using other methods or why not, go walking and carry out tasks, when opportunities allow.

This is a subjective choice, regardless of the fuel used or how many times you take the car. The important thing is to have environmental ethics, which respects road rules and that prevents pollution. This is also a great way to save fuel.

Or at least that's what most people think. Conversely, according to Euvid data, the European vehicle identification database, quite the opposite. It seems, in fact, that car favored by thieves, in Italy, is utilitarian, small and which escapes attention, is perfect for robbery. As reported free, I theft they fell 5.5% compared to 2016 but, on the other hand, the findings also declined, falling to -11.57%, considering that most of the stolen cars were dismantled and shipped abroad, especially in Eastern Europe, where they were reassembled and sold with fake documents.

And the most frequently purchased and even stolen machines are Fiat Panda: 9,719 was stolen in 2017. Right behind the Panda, with a silver medal, was placedFiat Punto, with 8,395 thefts in 2017 and at the last step of the podium up Fiat 500, with 7,008 exemplary items. Next, in the top ten most stolen cars in Italy, we found Lancia Y (3,522 thefts), Volkswagen Golf (2,830), Ford Fiesta (2,604), Fiat Uno (2,037), Smart ForTwo (1,917) and Renault Clio (1,620). Opel Corsa closed with 1,231 thefts. These are the 10 most stolen models: all cars are small, not too flashy, easy to handle.

So, the best way not to do it steal a car, besides the usual advice, is to buy Tesla. The price is not cheap (does not fall below 90 thousand euros), but it seems that stealing is almost impossible: since 2011 only 115 Tesla has been stolen and all, except three, have been returned to their rightful owners.

Panda is really versatile! Thanks to various layouts, it will satisfy all your needs. It is no coincidence that the geometric shapes in which the Panda design is based are Squircle, which combines the efficiency and concrete of the square with playfulness and flexibility of circles, perfectly summarizing its unique personality: there are Pandas for all tastes.

Panda has a line that is truly undeniable. The design combines aesthetics and functionality, such as an optical group in a high position or a third window with rounded corners to ensure more visibility. Find the Lounge settings and let yourself be conquered by the instrument panel graphics, from cloth and chairs with contrasting stitches.

Are you talking about style or equipment, with Panda everyone will find what's right for him. Choose your favorite clothes from Pop, Easy or Lounge and get ready to enjoy your car as much as possible. So original and very similar to you, you will be the perfect partner.

MAIN POP STANDARD FEATURES Style – Bumper painted with body color. Equipment – manual air conditioning, front head restriction, radio predisposition, electric front window, 4 airbags, central locking

EASY EASY STANDARD EQUIPMENT (other than Pop Style) Style – Special wheel cup. Equipment – MP3 CD radio with 2 speakers, rear head restraints, remote control for opening / closing doors

MAIN LOUNGE STANDARD EQUIPMENT (other than the Easy set-up) Style – Mirror mirror and door handles in body color, bumper side bands, 14 "alloy wheels. Equipment – Fog lights, longitudinal bars, Uconnect ™ Bluetooth® radio and steering wheel skin with control.

So comfortable, practical and friendly, everyone will be amazed. Panda is the ideal place to travel to your favorite destinations. Thanks to 14 different storage compartments, you can enjoy optimal space management. The driving position, gearbox and steering are specifically designed to offer maximum comfort.

With the new Panda 4 × 4 you can finally experience all the adventures you want and face whatever off-road challenges you present. It's you 4 × 4 every day, being able to turn every road into a very good reason for fun, putting your Panda to test beyond all limits.

HYBRID VEHICLE Hybrid vehicles, more precisely hybrid propulsion vehicles, are vehicles equipped with two propulsion systems, for example an electric motor with a thermal engine, the most extensive coupling. Some also define polycarbon hot vehicles (gasoline / LPG, gasoline / methane, diesel / kerosene, gasoline / hydrogen) as hybrids. Thermal electricity Both engines are suitable for coexistence because they have complementary characteristics. The internal combustion engine changes the chemical energy of the fuel (a fairly large energy density and is easily obtained from the supply network) with acceptable efficiency, especially at some operating points. Electric motors actually convert with greater efficiency and flexibility of energy available in smaller quantities in ships. Each electric engine itself is able to work in traction and generation (as well as in both directions) and therefore every hybrid vehicle tries to exploit in a slowdown the ability to "brake" with an electric motor, producing energy that is squandered on the brakes. Electricity can be stored in different ways, also at the same time. · Batteries: they have a lower energy density than fuel, can be sized to collect maximum energy, to exchange maximum power or with a compromise between two extremes. Batteries work with electrochemical processes that are distributed in them and it is not trivial to control all conditions, such as temperature, to limit as much as possible the decay of electrodes and electrolytes. · Supercapacitors: compared to batteries, they have a lower energy density but can produce and receive more power. They are based on a more controlled physical process. · Electrically driven gears: energy is stored as kinetic energy from a flywheel driven by an electric engine, it is a fully mechanical process and presents a control problem that is still different from the previous one. Depending on the capacity of the hybrid powertrain to store electricity, it informally determines several levels of hybridization · full hybrids · mild hybrids · minimal hybrids characterized by reduced distance in pure electric mode and a decrease in the contribution of electricity compared to the power supplied by thermal engines.

Vehicles with stop & start functions are incorrectly called "micro hybrid", but this function, typical of many hybrid vehicles, is obtained with traditional components and certainly not with different propulsion systems. There are two main construction schemes for the integration of thermal machines and electric engines: hybrid and parallel hybrid series. The combination of both produces mixed hybrids

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