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Exceptional leave with law 104, domicile or residence obligation?

Outstanding leave with law 104: From July 2018 I used law 104 art 3 paragraph 3 for my father. I live on ____ and my father is in ___. I am a civil servant, therefore, 3 days a month I visit and help my father. Now the situation has changed, his health has deteriorated so I want to take advantage of the extraordinary two-year contribution. My question is: do I have to change my residence and then move it to my father's house or is the domicile sufficient?
If a residence is needed, how long can I register? Patronage tells me that it is necessary to have the same residence at least 6 months before the application. thank you

the answer

Patronage has provided the right indication, to be able to submit an extraordinary legal leave request 151 with 104 art laws. 3 paragraph 3, residency obligations with persons with disabilities are required. To register, the residence must be six months before submission. It is also possible to have a temporary residence that has a value of 12 months, with the same assumption for six months.

Who can apply for temporary accommodation and how long to stay

Registration in the list of temporary residents can be requested (Article 32 Presidential Decree 30/05/1989, No 223):

  • Italian citizens living in other cities in Italy who have lived for at least four months;
  • non-EU citizens residing abroad or in another city in Italy who live for at least 4 months;
  • EU citizens, residing abroad or in other municipalities in Italy, reside for at least 3 months.

When staying more than 12 months, residents can no longer be considered temporary and therefore must request registration in the population list of the population.

Temporary registration in the population register does not allow certificate issues, this must actually be requested from the actual Municipality of residence.

However, certificates can be issued stating that they are listed in this list.

Registration is carried out at the request of an interested party or office, after an investigation is required, as required by Article 32 of the Presidential Decree 30/05/1989, n. 223. This may also be needed for other members of the family unit.

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