Saturday , July 24 2021

Early closure until December 10 tomorrow may be selected as the first finalist

More than two months ago, precisely on September 24, the first episode Big Brother Vip, an edition that can become a hole in the water for many people, given the presence of a player who does not seem to convince the audience completely. This hypothesis with the passage of time has been proven correct, given the low ranking recorded in each episode. The writers to keep the program alive have come up with various strategies, including including three new competitor in running, which in less than a month has been eliminated. This has also been implemented for the first time in history reality double weekly episode, which aired Thursday, but always come back from unfriendly listening.

The Reality Show closes a week before maturity

Final of Big Brother Vip [VIDEO], as hypothesized immediately before the actual broadcast, is set for December 17, almost at the door of Christmas, but the program writer, given the circumstances, will end the reality show a week before, so December 10, the date on which we will find the absolute winner of this third edition, which will win € 100,000 in gold chips, half of which will be donated to charity. For now there are only five other episodes, four on Monday and one on Thursday, in fact, this week, the Big Brother Double Vip, 22nd Thursday there will be another special episode.

Anticipation of the eleventh episode: first finalists may be selected

Tomorrow night, the eleventh installment of the program will be broadcast, an episode that reveals, because it might be analyzed together Francesco Monte and Giulia Salemi [VIDEO] Their "love story" never developed, and now no longer convinced the public.

In fact, this week between the two had moments of tranquility until hot discussion moments, but it seems that Giulia gave a point on & # 39; this. Situation similar to Benedetta Mazza and Stefano Sala, who after a close relationship between the two, Sala seems to be backing away because of Dasha, his current girlfriend, who cannot forget. time highlighting that night will be a proclamation first finalist that Big Brother Vip, which according to various advances must occur on the night of tomorrow directly. Finally one of them Ivan Cattaneo and Lory Del Santo, the competitor currently in the nomination, must leave the most critical home in Italy.

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