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Curse of the protagonist & # 39; My friend Arnold, Todd Bridges, the last in life

Who doesn't remember the famous one sitcom de: "My friend Arnold" [VIDEO]which was broadcast for the first time in November 1978 on United States of America and who arrived in Italy only two years later. The television series that has conquered everyone today has turned into forty, we remember because it is based on the daily events of the Drummond family, which consists of two black children adopted by a wealthy businessman from New York. In the famous television series it seems that it has knocked down a terrible curse, in fact to date almost all components of the questionable sitcom have died and moreover others have experienced quite dramatic events.

The increasing success of television series often hides difficult stories that involve the protagonist, so it only presents episodes where they are recognized.

Arnold, the prodigy

Gary Coleman was the prodigy he interpreted at the time ArnoldHis death occurred only 42 years in 2010, the last of which followed a bad fall, which saw Coleman actor beat his head cruelly, a dramatic story that took him to a very serious condition. Coleman has never enjoyed optimal health since childhood [VIDEO] because he has congenital kidney disease that blocks his development, a disease that forces him to do two kidney transplants.

The actors disappeared

Let's start from Conrad Bain, the actor who at that time played the role of Arnold's adoptive father, or Mr. Drummond, that actor late for natural causes in teens 89, we remember that Bain began his career in the fifties as a theater actor.

As for Mrs. Garret, who is the family caretaker played by actress Charlotte Rae, went away at the age of 92 despite having had cancer for a long time. As for actress Nedra Volz, who plays Adelaide's housekeeper in a television series, we saw her death in 2003 at the age of 95, the actress was seriously ill with Halzheimer's.

Speaking of actress Maggie McKinney we remember her as Arnold's mother translator, the loss of the actress occurred in 2010 at the age of 70, she also died after serious complications due to a tumor. Regarding Kimberly Drummond played by actress Dana Plato, we know she died only in 34 years in 1999, after an overdose because the actress was persecuted by drug and related crime. Todd Bridges is still alive, the fifty-three-year-old actor who plays Willis's brother Arnold is not dead, but he has long lost track of leaving the world of showbiz, Todd spends a lot of time with serious problems related to narcotics. [VIDEO] and also the only surviving television series protagonist.

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