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Child killed in Milan: tortured by his father – Last Hour

(ANSA) – MILAN, 28 OCTOBER – He was also accused of torture
after being hit with "kicks and punches", provoke "at least three
burned with the tip of a lit cigarette "and because
burn "with a living flame" of the feet of a smaller child
Alija Hrusic, 2 years old, a man from Croatia, 25 years old in his cell
for child murders that occurred last May 22nd at
Milan. This was stated in the closing investigation where
his wife has been released and, with two other children, part
offended by being harassed by her husband. In notification
the conclusion of the investigation that was announced today by prosecutor Giovanna
Cavalleri, the man appears to be under investigation for voluntary murder
exacerbated, exacerbated torture and exacerbated exacerbation. in
especially prosecutors oppose murder that is aggravated by possession
used "sevizie" and from acting "with cruelty to
child, for vain reasons consisting of the fact that the child,
left without a diaper, it's dirty ".