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Cases of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes continue to increase

Cases are increasing disease and infection transmitted to humans due to mosquito bites, both in Italy and in Europe.
This appeared during the conference "mosquito: Health risks. that Abruzzo region in the prevention and control of arbovirosis "that occur inhospital from Pescara.

To cause this increase, there is also climate change with increasing temperatures, mosquitoes do not die and, consequently, "pathogenic inheritance" does not stop.

In Pescara there has been a case of the Tuscania Virus, transmitted by several types of gnats, which causes mild encephalitis. While the most fearsome arboviruses, which have emerged from the works, are the West Nile River, Chikungunya (which is noted mainly in the Ravenna area), Usutu (the presence of the intended mosquito is documented for the first time in South Po right in Pescara), tick encephalitis bites and other forms are rarer, such as those caused by the dengue virus.

This is what he said Giustino Parruti, director of the Pescara Infectious Disease Complex (UOC) Unit:

«Fortunately, for now this is a mild pathology, can be diagnosed calmly. From today's work, a call came to the authorities to warn them, and to appeal to citizens, to show greater sensitivity and adopt good practices. The logic must be somewhat of a separate collection: everyone must consider their own territory as a place for prevention. In Italy we often complain after mosquito bites, instead we have to prevent bites, avoid, for example, in the dawn and sunset waterways and damp places, maybe wear long clothes and use repellent, whose use should increase. "

The idea that emerged from this conference was to work interdisciplinary, from veterinarians to specialist doctors, to raise awareness, prevent and guarantee public health safety.

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