Tuesday , July 27 2021

Atp Finals, Zverev surpassed Djokovic and won the Masters Cup

Alexander Zverev exceeding Novak Djokovic and winning Final ATP London, is the first career statement from Germany in the season-ending tournament.

The final epilogue of the season at the Atp Finals in London, which places ahead of the top eight players in the standings. After the round robin in the group stage, Novak Djokovic faced off in the final, looking for the sixth victory in the year-end Masters and Alexander Zverev, who overtook in the semi-final of Roger Federer. The last precedent was right in the phase four days ago with the Serbian champions' quick victory. Enjoyable from all the predictions for Djokovic, will determine the performance of Zverev's service, which is relieved from Ivan Lendl's guidance on the indoor surface can easily play the chance of his victory.

Starting from the first set, it was marked by dominance in service. This is Zverev who capitalizes on the first break ball and takes 5-4. At that service Germany did not tremble and with three consecutive aces won the first set 6-4. Continuing a blackout in the service of the Serbian player who lost a joke in the first match, faced face again in the next match but today the performance in Djokovic's service really wreaked havoc, Germany still lead 2-1 ahead. Zverev maintained the lead to 5-3 when the second chance ended the match for the final 6-3 with decent success.

A surprising victory by Alexander Zverev, currently number 5 in the ranking that won the most important title of his career. Unexpected defeat for Djokovic, Serbia can still smile for a fantastic year. Next weekend, the final match of the season with the Davis Cup final, after which it will return on the field in January with a tournament in Australia.

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