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amarcord photo from vamp of Men and Women

Change appearance for Tina Cipollari

The new edition of the dating event will come back Man and woman by Maria De Filippi. This program, in fact, will always have the usual program broadcast every day from Monday to Friday on Channel 5 at 14:45. Transmission will officially begin on September 9, 2019, even if recording has begun.

But the new thing that surprised format fans, resulting in many comments on the IG where the image appeared, was a new look Tina Cipollari. New hairstyles for vamp: ironic columnist has updated his appearance leaving platinum curls for more waves long and soft more natural color. (Continue after posting)

The hushed vamp that can't be recognized: this is the photo

In short Tina Cipollari it is completely unrecognizable for the presentation of his first book "No Maria, io esco". In recent years, after familiarizing their fans with their transformations on the Men and Women dating event, opinion makers have been frustrated for a long time and are also brave in their daily lives. In fact, the ex-wife of Roman hairdresser Kikalli Nalli had shown herself to be a person dark makeup and much longer hair at a party held for the launch of his autobiography.

At that time on his profile Instagram he shared photos of the program, supporters of the sex enthusiast who cradles can't help but pay attention to radicals change intervene in his physical appearance. Many who appreciate the new look chosen by Tina, believe that long hair platinum blonde is perfect for her. (Continue after the photo)

Advance for Men and Women, Throne: Tina Cipollati argues with Gemma Galgani

Last Thursday and Friday, in the study of Elios 6 in Rome the first episode of the classic Throne and more than Man and woman. And speaking of the latter, historical columnist and colleague Gianni Sperti discussed with his nemesis Gemma Galgani.

According to a preview circulated online by Il Vicolo delle News, the two women fight once again for what happened in this period without the Maria De Filippi dating event. But the Piedmont woman also discussed with Lombard's teacher Barbara De Santi.

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