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Alitalia, union: 13/12 stops from 24 hours air transportation – Economy


National air transportation strike 24 hours Friday, December 13. This was announced by Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti and UGL Air transport. At the basis of the protest, para continuation of the Alitalia crisis, the situation of the air transport sector, where unions are asking all companies implementation of sector contracts, and refinancing the Solidarity Fund for air transportation.

"We always say that first we want to see the restructured Alitalia, then we will consider investment"He repeated Lufthansa's managing director, Carsten Spohr, denies, according to a report from the Bloomberg agency, rumors about capital injections of up to 200 million euros in Italian companies. According to Bloomberg, Lufthansa reported to the Italian government that the strategic vision for Alitalia was more important than the possibility of capital injections.

"Noting the lack of significant developments" in the problem represented on 15 October, Atlantia "informs that at this time the conditions required for the company's adhesion to the Consortium are resolved to present the possibility of a binding offer on Alitalia not yet being realized". So the record where stated that "remains in any case stop the willingness to continue the comparison for identification of industry partners and for the definition of joint business plans, solid and long term for relaunch of Alitalia"Button.