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Accounts run under the lens of the tax authority: checks in place at major banks

The state intends to fighttax evasion in any way. So the first one starts check current account from several large Italian banks by tax authorities, such as BNL, Unicredit and Intesa Sanpaolo. Thanks to the new control tool, "savings device", the tax authorities began filtering Italian bank accounts.

Saver meter and current account check

What did you see specifically? L & # 39;Revenue Agency and Guardia in Finanza has pointed fingers at potential tax evaders by investigating the movements of banking freelancers, holders of VAT numbers and companies in general.

But not only that. Thanks to the savings meter, the inspector will be able to go and see all the current accounts of the savers regardless of their activities, based solely on deviations recognized by the software between income and expenses, whose deviations are greater than 20%.

Suspicious money movements

Because of that each money movement is not normal will be assessed by tax authorities and taxpayers. if he is questioned, he must guarantee responsibility for his actions provide the necessary documentation. In the focus of the tax authority there is above all significant and difficult to track capital movements, such as payments or withdrawals of money in excess of 5,000 euros, transfers for the purchase of vehicles, ships or buildings, and capital transfers abroad.

Cash payment, first alarm bell

Therefore we must pay attention to how manage cash at the bank, because that's where the difficulty of nesting tax evasion is. Deposits, for example, 3,000 euros in a bank in cash, without justification for the origin of this amount, will result in a tax assessment if the transfer appears abnormal or disconnected from work activities such as implying illegal or illegal profits. These operations must always be accompanied by written supporting documents and regularly dated tax regulations. If not, the tax authority will ask taxpayers to pay related taxes.

Cash withdrawals at the counter

If cash must always be justified, free withdrawal.

But beware: this is another type of control, which is related to the anti money laundering law. So banks can ask customers to justify the purpose of withdrawal if the amount exceeds 5,000 euros. The issued declaration will then be kept by the bank that will evaluate it, also related to the movement of other current accounts, whether to report anomalies to UIF, the Financial Information Office at Bank Italia. From there, then, tax audits can be triggered by the Revenue Agency.

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