A woman from Campania suffers from venous disease


"Half of women from Campania have signs of venous insufficiency, and men are no less even if they represent a much more limited percentage". This was stated by Lanfranco Scaramuzzino, a vascular surgeon from Naples International Hospital during the 32nd edition of "Flebologia Oggi", which was held in Naples. "Women turn to specialists for aesthetic reasons and later find that they suffer from venous disease treated with minimally invasive treatments, with the latest generation of lasers that are less aggressive and that produce increasingly safe results," he added. "The beauty of the feet is synonymous with healthy nutrition and in general in general – added biologist-nutritionist Adriana Carotenuto – There are many tips for giving, most of which are practical: drink lots of water, supplement with antioxidants because damage to venous insufficiency is free radical damage, which is from inflammation. In the case of being overweight and / or obese, eating fruit will greatly increase calories, so in this case I recommend phlebotonic supplements. eat the right quantity With local adiposity, we can intervene with intermittent protocol ". For Luca Scaramuzzino, scientific manager of work, "cellulite is a problem that afflicts many women, all looking for solutions, starting with home remedies and then turning to doctors." Among the most innovative and effective treatments is carboxytherapy. , a safe and effective technique for cellulite and skin rejuvenation, which can be applied to the face and feet, with microaghi, CO2 infiltration carried out, the effect is to determine vasodilation which leads to better tissue oxygenation, better drainage and consistency of cellulite tissue that better ".


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