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A case from the Segre Commission? Anti-Semitic youth post

It was November 7 when I was Bologna young Democrats, the Democratic Party's young rib, a convincing position to support Liliana Segre. "We don't hesitate to stay on which side," they wrote. I am against those who "hate, insult, and discriminate." Well, however, who knows how they will react, knowing that one of its members also shares writings that cast doubt on women and Jews.

The militants in question are called Italo Pomes, a native of Taranto who lived and studied under two towers. That is not any face. New from the selection to Academic Senate Alma Mater Studiorum, in July was also part of the new secretariat dem young Bolognese (delegation to the University). Looking at his Instagram profile, two strange photos appeared. The first date goes back to 2012, when he published a t-shirt injection that many people call a chauvinist: "My ideal woman? – We read – Ikea woman: cheap, take it home immediately and put her in 5 minutes". The second post, instead, it's from 2013: in the picture you can see the gate with the star David, accompanied by a brother "AS Roma m Official Seat m …". The message, which was translated by the jargon of football fans, had to offend the Romans. Remember the figurine case Anne Frank? Lazio fans attacked one at the Olimpico with a hated cousin shirt. Uproar broke out and news spread throughout the world. Posting Pomes is similar, because it uses the same stereotype. Will there be the same anger?

We will see. Of course yesterday, when the antagonist threw the bottle at the police, the young man praised Bologna for the anti-Salvini "6,000 sardines". All are against "populist rhetoric" and "arrogance" from league. The question then arises: at the time Segre Commission, what does it feel like to post a young dem for the Democratic Party? Is it true that anti-Semitism developed? Contacted by telephone, Pomes remained "open-mouthed." He did not remember sharing it: "I am a very leftist person, opposed to all kinds of sexism or racial hatred". But the post was there. Instagram does not lie. "Anti-Semitism must be faced and fought – students' answers – There is no ambiguity, we are not joking about certain things". Here, we are not joking. But in May 2015 Pomes launched a meme with the image of the film "The Child in the Striped Pajamas", Bic Mac and the inscription, in Roman dialect, "Deliver the sandwich I gave in the oven". Crematorium. "They are embarrassing", the young dem who will delete the post now apologizes. "A smart person – he admitted – would never do such a thing."

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