2018 Black Friday Amazon / On November 23, crazy discount: this is how to get ready with Prime


You want to get ready like never before Black friday from Amazon? And then you are in the right place! After that, all information that is useful to be able to buy the best products on the market. The date to mark the calendar is November 23. For that day, there will be discounts and promotions that are really crazy to be confiscated quickly. For many people, in fact, this will be the right opportunity to buy Christmas gifts in advance. For 24 hours, you can buy gadgets, technology products, smartphones, tablets, and endless product lines, with discounts that can even reach 70 percent less. But how to do it to participate in Amazon Black Friday? After VAT Days from several retailers, ePrice Black Clock, Alibaba Single Day and Monclick's "Black Fra-i-dei", the most anticipated day will come: Black Friday. Only companies have anticipated which brands will participate in the initiative and in what ways. And indeed, Canon will offer discounts of up to 40% for cameras and lenses, Garmin will reduce the price of smartwatch computers for bicycles, activity trackers and navigators. Space is also for Samsung UHD TV 49 and 55 inches curved, Kartell accessories and 30% on Amazon branded products such as Amazon Basics, Find and Happy Belly.

Black Friday, how to prepare the best

The first suggestion we can give to you Amazon Black Friday it must be determined. For this reason, it is important to have an account that is already a few days in advance, so you can make purchases more calmly. The best deals as you know, will be sold out after a very short time. The link to review offers will only be available online starting November 23. At present, there are products offered but no one shouts for crazy shopping soon. Also remember flash offers or, discounts for a limited number of products, which have a maximum duration of six hours. If you live in Milan, you can have an example of an offer that will go to Amazon Loft for Christmas, a pop-up shop on via Dante 14 which will be open to the public from November 16-26 from 10am to 8pm. subscribe to Amazon Prime. Service fees are € 36 a year or € 4.99 a month.

Second chance from Amazon

Among the things that need to be known not to be caught are not ready Amazon Black Friday, we mention Prime when, with the service activated, you can access the area dedicated to Lampo's offer 30 minutes earlier than others. This margin will provide a very important advantage to win the first best offer submitted by the company. In order not to miss the offer and have a second chance, Amazon provides the "Add to waiting list" button, so that the queue will be available as soon as the product is available. And in fact, the company will only offer us 15 minutes to pay and, once we are done, we will lose the priority that will benefit other users.


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