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160 peaks are expected

The warning is back in Venice: after yesterday's ceasefire where the sun has returned to make its appearance, new tidal waves are predicted today whose levels will reach 160 centimeters above sea level.

The waves touched 141 centimeters during the day, according to a survey by the station Punta della Salute. At breakwater on Lido, the waves reach 144 centimeters. At this rate 59% of the historic center of the lagoon experienced flooding. Around 11:40 a.m. Piazza San Marco closes when pedestrians pass. This was communicated by the city of Venice.

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The water began to grow at three tonight, reaching a level of one meter in the middle of the sea, a figure that was slightly lower than expected but that did not change the alarming 160 centimeter peak estimate for 12:30 today. The tidal center of this report. Sirocco winds, which have so far been left offshore, have approached the coast, preventing the flow of water from changing. Tides continue to increase, just until 5-6 in the morning, then faster until 12:30 to then increasingly flow out. Sirocco will fall and the tide returns to 45 centimeters at 8.30pm. During the wind conditions are not enough surprises.

The level of the Adriatic Sea in front of the Venice lagoon appears to be decreasing, even if the tidal level in the historic center continues to increase and at 11:30 it has marked 137 centimeters. This was communicated by the Venice city administration, based on data recorded by the Ismar-Cnr platform. However, the situation is still developing.

Meanwhile, Civil Protection has assigned mayor Luigi Brugnaro the role of commissioner of the delegation to employ the 20 million already allocated by the government.

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