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The second annual Zuckerman STEM Leadership Recap Program

The US-Israel Symposium's second annual Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program took place earlier this month at the Technion-Israel institute of Technology in Haifa, with its theme (more than a statement of questions) about "What's Next in STEM."

The program featured topics such as stem cell regeneration "for wound healing, overcoming neurological events and helping aging," and "how to correct heartbreak," according to the program's website.

STEM Zuckerman's Leadership Program, founded by businessman and editor of the magazine Mortimer Zuckerman, "supports future generations of leaders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the United States and Israel, and over time, fostering greater collaboration between the most sophisticated scientific research in the central world. "

"It is a privilege to expand Mort's ideas and see this scholarship program come alive," said Zuckerman Institute guardian Eric Gertler. "You, Zuckerman scientists, all have challenges in your work, but those challenges don't stop great ideas from advancing."

"Robert Kennedy has a quote about hope ripples – you throw pebbles into water, and that creates many currents with different energy centers, all connected to each other," he explained. "That's what we are doing here – creating great energy of hope and building a big bridge between the United States and Israel."

Boaz Golany, Technion's vice president for external relations and resource development, said: "The US-Israel bridge built by Mort Zuckerman by building this program will one day be known as the 'biggest and most influential' project & # 39; "

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