Netanyahu: "I will retire tomorrow – but nobody takes my place"


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reportedly discussed the possibility of his resignation with a former senior court official, Channel 10 It was reported late Sunday, saying that he would be willing to resign "tomorrow" if he had a successor marching.

According to Channel 10 reported, Netanyahu and former officials of the justice department were discussing the position of prime minister, and alluded to the maximum time that must be served by a Prime Minister.

"I will be ready to resign from my position as Prime Minister tomorrow, except that no one has left the key," Netanyahu said.

With more than 12 and a half years in office today, Netanyahu is set to become the longest-serving Prime Minister in Israeli history if his current government remains in effect until July 2019. Elections are not scheduled until November 2019.

Former justice officials confirmed the report, but said the talks were not related to police recommendations earlier this year that Netanyahu was charged with corruption charges in connection with the 1000 Case and 2000 Case investigations.

The Likud party denied the report, said in a statement that the words attributed to Netanyahu "were not uttered by the Prime Minister."

"We advise everyone not to take action based [the report]. "

On Saturday, Netanyahu left Israel for France to attend the Paris Peace Forum, which was held on Sunday to mark the 100th anniversary of the ceasefire that ended fighting in the First World War.


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