Thursday , January 21 2021

Daily Inspiration: David Ben-Gurion's Anniversary Day

You will not take revenge or revenge on your fellow countrymen. Love other people like yourself: I'm Hashem. Leviticus 19:18 (The Israel Bible ™)

This week coincides with the anniversary of the death of Israel's first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. He was the first official leader the Jewish state had in nearly 2,000 years. Ben-Gurion's legacy is a complex inheritance. He makes – and must make – decisions that give more time or benefits than he might not make. But how many of us can't say that? However, the truth is that without Ben-Gurion's carelessness and cold-headed pragmatism, the State of Israel might be even less than a viable entity than it appeared in 1947/48.

You will not take revenge or revenge on your fellow countrymen. Love other people like yourself: I'm Hashem

לֹא־תִ ּקֹם וְ לֹא־תִ ּטֹר אֶ ת־ב ְ נֵי עַ ּמֶ ָך וְ אָ הַ בְ תָ לְ רֵ עֲ כָ מֹוָך אֲ נִ י יְ-ה-וָ -ה׃

lo ti-KOM v–lo ti-TOR et b & # 39- -NAY a-ME-kha v'-a-hav-TA l'-raya-KHA ka-MO-kha a-GOOD a-do -NAI

In a speech given in 1944 to gather youth groups in Haifa, Prime Minister David Ben Gurion referred to these words as an example of how Judaism functions as a community paradigm built on morality, peace and love: "Ours is a small nation that inhabits a small country, and there are many small countries and many small countries, but our country is a small country that has great enthusiasm; inspired people who believe in their pioneering mission for everyone, in the mission preached by the prophets of Israel. These people give to the world great and eternal moral truths and commands. These people rise to the prophetic vision of the unity of the Creator with His creation, the infinite dignity and value of individuals because every human being is created in a divine image, social justice, universal peace, and love: & You must love your neighbor as yourself . & # 39; These people were the first people to prophesy about & # 39; end of days, & # 39; the first to see the vision of a new human society. "Although Ben-Gurion was not a religious Jew, he was greatly influenced by the Bible, which had a major impact on his views and actions on behalf of the Jewish State.

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