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Liberty Chapel, 3111 Bastogne Ave., will hold a community community workshop 6-7: 30 night on November 15 at the chapel fellowship building. This workshop will give the Fort Campbell Family a spiritual way to prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

"This is a good way to involve the family and prepare for Christmas and focus on the true meaning of Christmas," said Jolynda Strandberg, director of the installation of Religious Education.

Strandberg said the workshop had 40 remaining places and was open to all military ID card holders.

Workshop participants will make bouquets of flowers to take home along with the reading materials the chapel will provide.

"The advent wreath is just a miniature version of what you will find in the church," Strandberg said.

Chaplain (Col.) Lawrence Bleboo said that floral arrangements were part of Advent celebrations in the Roman Catholic Church. In the Catholic Church, arrivals are during preparations that last for four weeks before Christmas.

"It is important to hold a floral arrangement workshop so the Family can take them home to prepare for the Advent Season," Bleboo said.

To make a wreath of green plants connected to brass candles and four candles added, three purple and one pink, on each holder.

Purple candles signify repentance this season. Pink candles symbolize the third Sunday of arrival, Gaudete Sunday, where Catholics rejoice at the arrival of the child of Christ.

"People can take it to their homes, they can turn it on and pray every night," Strandberg said. "It only brings the true meaning of Christmas into their homes because [the holiday] become very commercial. "

In addition, the family can learn more about issail, the Tree of Bethlehem, the Jesse Tree, and a gentle place for Jesus.

Families can get the feeling of wassail, a type of hot apple cider that is part of a cruise, or caroling, in British Middle Ages at Christmas time. A recipe for issail is with leaflets given to participants to re-create drinks at home.

Participants will have a start for the Tree of Bethlehem and the Jesse Tree in their handouts to take home. The tree of Bethlehem is a small tree that looks normal. Families can use the decoration of the Birth of Christ to tell the story of the birth of Christ. Every night when the family puts different pieces of decoration on the scene The birth of Jesus on their tree can tell the part of the birth of Christ.

A Jesse Tree is an empty tree, like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, which focuses on the Old Testament. Every ornament placed on a tree symbolizes a story from the Old Testament. Families can read the scriptures and then place decorations on the tree.

Strandberg says Jesse Tree is an old Christian tradition.

"We might provide two or three ornaments for Jesse Tree, but not all of Jesse Tree," Strandberg said. "Families will have something from each activity to take home with them."

Strandberg said the weak point for Jesus is the craft where children make manger of popsicle sticks and for every good deed or good deed children can put a cotton ball in a manger so that, hopefully by Christmas, there will be a good place for Christ to put his head down, said Strandberg.

Bleboo said he hoped people would use the workshop because not everyone has the same Christmas tradition.

"Military families usually do not live near the family and so we think this is a good way to unite the community, have something to eat, meet new people and mothers don't have to cook," Strandberg said.

Anyone who wants to participate must book a place on Monday so the chapel can ensure there are enough flowers and candles for the participants.

To order a place call, 270-412-5796 or Jolynda Strandberg's email at [email protected].


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