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Wayne and Coleen Rooney's children wear matching pajamas on a Christmas card

Even Grinch's heart will be warmed up by Rooney's Christmas card (Image: Shaun Laurens)

Wayne and Coleen Rooney have revealed their 2018 family Christmas cards and that will definitely make even the coldest hearts melt.

The couple had given all their glory to their four children, Kai's son, nine, Klay, five, Kit, two, and Cass who was nine months old.

Sprinkled with Yuletide's joy, Santa and his reindeers are seen running across the moon with a Christmas tree filled with snow in the background. Waiting regularly are Rooney's children sitting in the window wearing gray striped pajamas with red pieces and Rudolph, red-nosed deer on the front.

Even the Grinch can't be angry at this.

Erm, where can we get the deer PJI? (Image: Shaun Laurens)

Kellie Stamper, director of Liverpool-based Grace Kellie Photography, took a picture of a beautiful Christmas card and said: It's always nice to have Coleen and her four sweet sons in my studio.

"The two youngest were only a few days old when I first photographed them, so it was very fun to see how much they grew."

The family is used to living in the US after Wayne moved to play for the D.C. United (Image: Rex Features)

The photographer added: ‘Making customers come back again and again to convince me that I did a good job; that they not only like photography that I made, but also feel comfortable in my studio and with my art direction. "

Another photo from the Christmas photo shoot saw children gathering in the other corner of the cabin with a small Kit riding a wooden rocking horse.

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Last week, Coleen was seen around Cheshire after flying from Washington in the US, where the family now lives, to do an early Christmas shopping place. The four-mother was seen carrying a shopping bag that could be reused with two elves and a Christmas tree.

Coleen and his four sons recently appeared to support Wayne, 33, in an international match between England and the US, which earned him the 120th and final cap for his home country with a 3-0 victory.

In October, Coleen revealed that her three oldest sons started their new school in the US and shared their photos in their uniforms.

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