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Pixel 4 XL prices may be revealed ahead of the launch

Google Pixel 4 will come on October 15 and tons information about the device has been leaked. However, price details have so far been scarce and unreliable. Today, we get some new details about the price of Pixel 4 XL and Nest Mini.

Nomad case for Pixel 3

To recap some previous leaks, we looked at Irish retailers who leaked Pixel 4 earlier and mentioned initial prices of € 819.98 and € 1126.68 for each of the smaller and larger models. In that case, newer devices are slightly cheaper than the Pixel 3 series, but that is far from a good example.

Then, another price leak suggests that Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will start at $ 1049.95 in Canada, slightly higher than Pixel 3.

Now, Best Buy employees who will remain anonymous have provided 9to5Google with information from a retail system that could potentially reveal prices for the device.

As it turns out, the Verizon and Sprint models of Pixel 4 XL will be priced at $ 999. It's not entirely clear from the pictures we sent that this is a 64GB variant of the device, but our source seems confident. Pixel 4, unfortunately, has not yet appeared in the system, so we have not been able to verify that price point.

Specifically, internal documentation shows Pixel 4 XL with SKU "6385365" which means the list will appear here when the device is available for sale. The Verizon variant, on the other hand, appears with SKU "6385325." The model number attached is "GA01205-US."

pixel 4 xl best buy price

The internal Best Buy system shows details of Pixel 4 XL prices

If valid, this will represent a $ 100 increase in Pixel prices from the previous variant which starts at $ 899 for the XL variant. That would also imply that the smaller Pixel 4 can start around $ 900. However, it is important to take this with a grain of salt considering this can only be a container used to cover the actual price. This seems very likely given the insignificant price increase that we expected in Canada.

Furthermore, the employee can also share details about Nest Mini smart speakers that we reported earlier.

Apparently, the initial price for the Mini Nest will not change from the Home Mini launch price of $ 49.99. This is not really surprising, but it will be interesting to see if Google's pattern follows the coming months with large price reductions on the device. The employee also confirmed 4 color variants for devices that might include blue and red. Specifically, Google has teased the color blue.

Google does not respond to requests for comment on these prices.

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