Instagram DOWN: Photo social networking does not work for HUNDREDS of users


Instagram is now down for hundreds of users who report that photo social networks don't work today.

The independent Down Detector monitor has received a surge of reports from Instagram down.

From the report, most of the problems experienced by Instagram users have revolved around the site's news feed.

Instagram users have also taken the rival social networking Twitter to report problems with Facebook's site.

One Instagram user tweeted: "Someone quickly gave me a cat to see, Instagram is down!"

While another posted: "Instagram when I decided to upload a funny photo".

And one added: "Did Instagram go down again?"

The news came after Instagram experienced a blackout last month.

In early October, Detector Down registered thousands of reports throughout the UK and many parts of Europe on Instagram.

When trying to access the website, the user is faced with the "5XX Server Error" error and the application displays the message "can't refresh feed."

Users have flooded social media sites, including Twitter, to share their disappointment with an Instagram fan who said: "#instagram down every panic is the end of the world that is being run for your life."

While others just say: "Instagram down. Why ???"

Some users say that they have tried removing the application and reinstalling with this has caused a bigger problem.

Posting a message in the Down Detector forum, one Instagram customer said: "It can't refresh the application this morning. Trying to delete and then download the application. Now it can't enter at all."

And others emphasized: "It won't refresh the feed, upload photos or give me a comment. The application that was deleted and reinstalled, now says there is a problem in the end and that doesn't allow me to enter."


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