Gardai tried to establish the murder of the brutal mutilation of Limbani Mzoma


The Guardian tried to launch the motive of the murder of a villain that last night, in which the victim
the sex organs were torn off.

The victim Limbani Mzoma, who also used Robert's name, found himself in a pool of blood in a yard of a house in the leafy suburb of Foxrock.

In the forties, a woman questioned a woman and was accused of death last night.

The spokesman said that he would appear before the District Court in Dublin, at 9.30 this evening.

Yesterday, more and more serious details of the extent of the mutilation of the 27-year victim victim occurred.

Forensic detectives found torn parts of the body in Foxrock's house, where horrors, including the dead man's penis in the robes.

They believe that the victim is subjected to lengthy and vicious attacks, after a controversial, drug-fired party exploded.

An attack on the unbridled knife ended when the wound was deeply stacked at the neck, the officers believed.

Robert Limbani Mzoma shot dead at Foxrock

The sources confirmed that the victim, who was understood by Malawi, was repeatedly punctured and his genitalia "removed from the body". Her eyelids were cut.

The source said, "The scene is in a house where many non-nationals live.

"The real estate has been a lot of trouble lately, and they called the gardai on Thursday afternoon.

"They went public and went to the left – when they were called at 11:30, they discovered the dead man.

"The cut penis is on the top of the fireplace, and the eyelids are cut off."

The accused woman was allegedly in the Tudor Lawns' house when she came to a guard and was questioned with two other men who were also rented real estate.

Outside the house, flower arrangements and a candlelight lamp were found.

The postmortem was dr. Assistant dentist, Dr. Linda Mulligan.

The results were not patented by the Gardai for operational reasons, but the victim received several sharp knife.

The subject was closed yesterday, while the door-to-door investigations took place on the premises of the protesting Tudor houses.

Gardai in a house outside Tudor Village at Foxrock, Dublin

Foxrock found flowers outside the Tudor lawn. Pic Philip Fitzpatrick.

The Garda Technical Office team continued the judicial investigation of the property.

Residents were astonished by the terrible killing of the nearby Leopardstown horse racing circuit, which has its own parking lot.

The Gardai called for anyone who saw something unusual on Thursday night to contact Cabinteely Garda at 01 6665400, at Garda Confidential Line at 1800 666 111 or at Garda Station.

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