Come with Tight Dancing fall: Worst strictly paired in the past


Danny John-Jules and his dance partner, Amy Dowden, reportedly not going up (Photo: PA)

Strictly Come Dancing has been beaten with more drama this week amidst surprising claims Danny John-Jules has issued a final warning by the event boss for alleged & # 39; bullying & # 39; partner Amy Dowden.

The duo danced united in front after a difficult appearance on Saturday, but behind closed doors, the actor Red Dwarf was said to "swear and shout" at Amy and "constantly" leaving her with tears in her eyes.

But this is not the first time there is a faction.

While most couples dancing out of the show only glittered with one another, each other, others struggled to find love in their Stlyly partners – and became BBC One's live shows, the tension was too difficult to hide.

Take a look at this celebrity couple from the past.

Fern claimed Artem had been rude to him (Image: Beretta / Sims / REX / Shutterstock)

Fern Britton and Artem Chigvintsev

Fern Britton thought her luck occurred when she was paired with a handsome Russian dancer Artem Chigvintsev, but TV veterans later claimed Artem 'kicked & # 39; and & # 39; push & # 39; he during training, even stated that he had once told him: Go home before I kill you. & # 39;

After his comments, Artem strongly denied the claim, acknowledging that he was surprised by his comments and insisted there were no mistakes on his part.

"I believe I treat Fern with genuine respect and care, and these claims about me are the opposite of everything I believe in and personally," the pro coach said in a statement at the time.

Kristina is said to be & # 39; destroyed & # 39; after partnering with Daniel (Image: WENN)

Kristina Rihanoff and Daniel O’Donnell

Controversial judge Craig Revell Horward stirred pot strictly in 2015 when he suggested Russian dancer Kristina Rihanoff was unhappy with her celebrity partner Daniel O'Donnell.

The acid-labeled judge claimed Kristina had been paired with Irish singer Daniel as & # 39; after enjoying post-Strict romance with boxer Joe Calzaghe and rugby star Ben Cohen.

Maintaining BBC bosses does not want another Strictly scandal in their hands, Craig claims Kristina is "exterminating & # 39; with his partner.

"When he first paired with him, I thought he was destroyed!" He told Woman Magazine.

"But it's rather obvious he won't get a young celeb, it's hot after all that happened."

Anton reportedly made racial slurs against Laila in 2009 (Photo: WENN)

Anton Du Beke and Laila Rouass

The BBC received a complaint in 2009 after a professional dancer, Anton Du Beke, reportedly made racial slurs against Laila Rouass.

The BBC boss confirmed Anton had called the Football Wife actress as ‘p ***’ during a one-on-one training session but revealed he would not be expelled because he had apologized.

It came shortly after reports of pros claiming to dance repeatedly left Laila crying; making jokes about his catsuit directly in the air; and allegedly once asked him, "You are not a terrorist, right?"

The show's fans called for Anton to be fired because of his comments amidst claims & # 39; bullying & # 39 ;, but the ballroom dancer insisted that the comment was made & # 39; in jokes & # 39; and no racism occurred.

"I am not racist and I do not use racist language. During our training, Laila and I exchanged jokes – completely joking – and there were opportunities two weeks ago where this term was used between us," he said in a statement at the time.

# There is no racist intent at all. I apologize unconditionally for any violations that may have been caused by my actions. "

Meanwhile, Laila confirmed that she had & # 39; his apology and insisted that he really enjoyed & # 39; dance with Anton.

Anton allegedly labeled Judy ‘shit’ while dancing (Photo: WENN)

Anton Du Beke and Judy Murray

Speaking of Anton, ballroom dancers also succeeded in angering Judy Murray in 2014 after (very cruelly) aiming for her dance skills.

While Anton and Judy seemed quite friendly during their time on the show, professionals reportedly branded Andy Murray's mother & # 39; pesky & # 39; after they were selected in ninth place.

Anton was quoted as saying: & # 39; He is rubbish. Why don't they give me Pixie Lott? "


Oti thought Anthony was 'arsehole' at first (Image: WENN)

Oti Mabuse and Anthony Ogogo

Oti Mabuse and Anthony Ogogo did not start with the best start in Strictly in 2015.

The professional dancer admitted that he thought the English boxer was "arsehole" before pairing with him – but eventually ended up fine.

"When we partnered, I said to Oti," Did you like me when you first met me? "And he said," No, no really, you look like a bastard "," Anthony quipped The Sun.

"Really, to be fair, we are not friends before we are picked up."

Pressed on what prompted his first impression of misdirection, Oti revealed that it was & # 39; his face and posture & # 39; which has confused him.

That's all, then.

But while they initially didn't know how it worked – I thought we were both like, "What are we going to do with each other?" & # 39; Oti said – the couple insisted at the end of the event, they & # 39; could not have fun together & # 39 ;.

Steve made a formal complaint about Ola (Image: WENN)

Steve Backshall and Ola Jordan

Strict stars are known to face a tiring training regime, with contestants assigned to dance up to eight hours a day, five days a week.

Yes, it's not for the weak hearted.

However, Steve Backshall might not know enough about what he was up against after complaining to the BBC during his 2014 partnership with Ola Jordan that he was harassed by pros & # 39; rude and impatient & # 39 ;.

Indeed, Steve's claim is that the BBC boss is so bad that he must ensure that the dancing duet is accompanied at any time after the complaint.

It's safe to say, Steve hasn't talked to Ola for a good time.


Lynda calls Darren & # 39; gita a sad & # 39; (Image: WENN)

Lynda Bellingham and Darren Bennett

Lynda Bellingham and Darren Bennett did not have the best in Strictly in 2009, finishing 13th overall.

And their relationship was reported to be equally rocky, as the shaman Lynda Michael Pattemore revealed in his book, My Lynda, that he did not associate with his partner Darren Bennett.

While the viewers basically did not know it at the time, Michael claimed that the predecessor actress thought Michael was "a sad git" who practiced dancing very seriously, wanted to dance solidly and carry out strict and unpleasant policies.

"Even when they went to drink coffee afterwards, he said that the man was just empty," he added.

Kelly and Brendan are known to have fiery arguments offstage (Image: WENN)

Kelly Brook and Brendan Cole

Kelly Brook and Brendan Cole are reported to have had strained relationships throughout their 2007 stripping.

The dancer duo claimed to have an angry row backstage at the sixth week when they practiced Vienna Waltz after Brendan forgot his steps. Awkward.

And that was not the first time they clashed, either, after Brendan reportedly told Kelly at one point that they were definitely not & # 39; will win.

Love your positivity, Brendan.

However, this duo appeared to put their gap behind them five years later when they reunited for Christmas Strictly in 2012.

Very mature, friend.

Karen was rumored to be the reason Will left the show, but she refused the claim (Photo: WENN)

Will Young and Karen Clifton

The heads were reversed in 2016 when former Pop Idol winner Will Young stormed the show after only a few weeks.

The departure of the singer dramatically promotes many people to speculate about what might upset him, after a number of promising routines make many people believe that he won in the bag.

While some suggested he pop stars had walked because of the sharp critic of Chief Judge Len Goodman about salsa, others claimed he had fallen with partner Karen Clifton.

But Will then set the record immediately after revealing that he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as a number of addictions.

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