Wednesday , August 4 2021

Chairs are used as weapons in cruel fights that were caught on camera at kickboxing events

Blow: A still image taken from a video of a fight at Shannon
Blow: A still image taken from a video of a fight at Shannon

A man has been hospitalized following a mass fight at a weekend kickboxing.

Gardaí was investigating an incident that saw a chair and a bottle being used as a weapon.

Violence erupted at Oakwood Hotel in Shannon, Co Clare, around 11pm on Saturday.

Videos about the incident have become viral on social media.

It is understood that kickboxing events have been held every year in hotels for the past few years without incident.

More than a dozen people were directly involved in the fight in front of the surprised passengers.

A number of attacks had to be canceled after the audience began attacking each other in the hotel function room.

Brawl recordings showed seats and bottles thrown at people.

One person was seen attacking an observer who tried to stop the battle, hit him with a blow from behind.

A boy is also seen running away when a group of men and a woman are involved in a fight.

A woman was also shown throwing a chair in a multipurpose room.

Gardaí insisted they were investigating the incident but no arrests had been made.

Local Gardua responded to the scene after receiving reports of incidents of large-scale public orders at the hotel.

Injuries to men who are hospitalized are not believed to be serious.

"There were no arrests at night but an investigation was underway. We saw CCTV and other recordings of this incident as part of this investigation," a Garda spokesman said.

"One person was taken to the hospital for treatment."

The Oakwood Hotel declined to comment.

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