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Cathrina Killer & # 39; Tina & # 39; Cahill is & # 39; pure evil & # 39;

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A woman who killed her fiance in their Sydney apartment has been described by a young girl as "pure evil" and told to "rot in hell".

Cathrina "Tina" Cahill, 27, has pleaded guilty to the murder of David Walsh, 29, after killing her just seven weeks after the couple got engaged on New Year's Eve 2016.

Cahill and Mr Walsh, both from Ireland, lived in Padstow, southwest Sydney, when he stabbed him in the neck during an alcohol-triggered argument on February 18, 2017.

During a hearing at the NSW Supreme Court on Tuesday, tears ran down the killer's face when his father Daniel Cahill – who flew to Sydney with his wife to support their daughter – told the court that he was "a brilliant person".

He said he "never" previously showed violent or aggressive behavior and that he always helped others.

Character evaluation, perhaps unsurprisingly, is very different from what supports Mr. Walsh. In one of several victims' impact statements read out in court, a 13-year-old girl who could not be identified because of her age, said the "hatred" she had for Cahill "changed her stomach".

"Hearing your name, looking at your face, it's so terrible," the girl wrote.

"If that happens to you … How do you feel?

"I don't think you feel, because you don't have a heart that you don't care about, but I do it, we do it. I hope you rot in hell & # 39; Tina Cahill & # 39; "

Another 13-year-old girl wrote in her victim's impact statement that "there was no reason" for Walsh to be killed.

"I still wonder why (Cahill) did it … I just thought it was purely evil and not about depression, it went in and out evil," the statement said.

"He was taken away because of him. I have a heart broken because of him. "


According to court documents, the couple came out drinking with others before they quarreled and Mr Walsh returned home on February 17 last year.

Cahill, two female friends and Matthew Hyde – a man they had socialized in one of the pubs – then appeared at Padstow's address where Mr. Walsh looked asleep on the couch.

Immediately after, Mr. Walsh woke up and launched an unreasonable attack on Mr. Hyde, while demanding to find out who he was. According to the agreed fact statement, Mr. Walsh repeatedly hit Mr Hyde, biting his face, then grabbed his hair and tried to smash his face on the floor.

Cahill screamed: "Stop Davey, get down, go down … he's with Grace."

He tries to get his fiance's hand grip when he swings his arm back and he falls to the ground, according to a fact statement.

He moved towards him and punched him in the face with his fist closed, before Walsh pushed him again and tried to punch his face.

Cahill then opened the cutlery drawer, quickly took the "big knife, very sharp, and bladed" and stabbed him.

The documents accuse a witness of hearing Mr Walsh repeatedly say "put it back" but Cahill replied: "No, he needs to be taught. Not fair. Look at poor Matthew."

According to agreed facts, Mr Walsh began to "bleed profusely with blood coming out of his mouth". He received a tea towel, one of the witnesses passed by and shouted "call an ambulance, call an ambulance", an agreed fact statement was read. He then walked out and fainted.

Mr Walsh was declared dead at the scene after an emergency service was called to the house on Watson Rd.


Prosecutor Nanette Williams said Tuesday that Walsh's death was "brutal and violent".

"(He) must die alone on the trail in a foreign country," he said.

A few moments after stabbing Mr. Walsh, Cahill turned to one of the witnesses and said, "He's gone crazy … I can't stand anymore. I don't believe what I just did (sic)," the court document accused.

In a police interview just hours after Walsh's death, Cahill told officers: "I entered to help and I stabbed him. I stabbed him."

His lawyer, James Trevallion, surrendered that his client had no intention of killing, the stabbing involved a single stab and Mr. Walsh started the violence. Mr Trevallion said there was no evidence that Cahill had attacked Mr Walsh without any provocation.

Cahill told the court last week that he hoped he had a "time machine" to go back and change what happened.

"No day passed when I didn't think about David's family," he said when asked how he felt about killing his fiancee.

"I love him so much.

"He told me no matter what I did, I would never stay away from him and if I was with someone else he would make my life mess."


Cahill will face an eight-week murder trial at the NSW Supreme Court until the charges are handed down from murder and he pleads guilty to murder, which carries a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison.

He acknowledged Mr. Walsh's illegal killing – which is also from Wexford County in southern Ireland – between February 17 and 18, 2017.

Mahkota received a request for less serious violations on the grounds that Cahill suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder at the time.

His attorney said a major mental disorder was caused by Mr Walsh's behavior towards his client, sending out that the judge needed to be aware of the "level of provocation and behavior of the deceased" in the days and weeks before his death. .

"How to demean and psychologically damage and disrupt the behavior," Trevallion said.

Judge Peter Johnson noted that the couple's relationship was "hard" and "degrading" and that Mr. Walsh often misused Cahill.

"Then they decided to get married shortly before this event … with the psychological consequences thereof," Justice Johnson said.

He also noted that the couple had "a two-way relationship of domestic violence" with episodes of repeated violence and Joint Violence Detention Orders (AVOs).

The couple started dating after meeting at Bondi Junction pub at the end of 2014 before the relationship turned violent the following year.

In September 2015, Cahill told police, after the AVO was issued against Walsh to protect him, that he was not afraid of him.

"I am afraid of getting more problems from David if I tell the truth," he said on Tuesday.

"He will call me rats and dogs."

He had packed his bag many times to leave it, but Mr. Walsh will tell him that everything will be different.

"He will make me eat dinner, buy me flowers, buy me a teddy bear, but after two to three weeks, it will return to normal," he said.

Previously, Cahill told the court that he often woke naked even though he went to bed using pajamas, and that he had found a photo on the phone of his own fiance sleeping with semen on his face. He said that he confronted Mr. Walsh about it but he just laughed and said that "if I don't have sex with him, he will get it too".

Cahill claimed that Mr. Walsh would appear at his place of work and make a threatening gesture, which he showed by tracing his finger in his throat. He often grabs and scratches his face and "keeps on biting," Cahill said.

The court heard Mr. Walsh once threw a glass bottle through a new TV, "it will always damage things at home" and puncture the walls.

Cahill said that he repeatedly accused him of cruel ridicule and accused him of having a relationship and that he could not even look into the rearview mirror while driving if a man was in the car behind them. If he looks at another man, he will say to him: "I hope you get a good look, sl * t," he said.

Cahill also told the court that on one occasion, Mr. Walsh attacked a man in a hotel, because he talked to his girlfriend.

"David entered and hit the man so hard that he landed on the floor," he said.

"He said, & # 39; He won't see my missus again. & # 39;"

Cahill painted a picture of a violent partner and controller who said he blocked friends from his Facebook account, deleted messages and contacts from his phone and accused him of having an affair with his boss.

"There are 35 people blocked from my Facebook. Some of them are friends who I have never met, "he said.

Cahill told the judge that he had not left Mr. Walsh even though he was a "controlling and quite unpleasant" because he loved and adored him.

Before his death, Mr. Walsh worked in construction and Cahill was hired with a traffic management company. The couple left Ireland in 2013 to live in Australia on a work holiday visa. An Irish newspaper reported earlier that Walsh had fled the country after being accused of attacking his former colleague, three Irish police officers and a man whose ears were partially bitten. On Tuesday, Cahill told the court that he often laughed about violations and boasted about being on an Irish television crime program.


The court also heard Cahill stabbed Mr. Walsh behind his head 18 months before stabbing him again in the deadly attack.

One of the couple's ex-housemates, British citizen Isobel Jennings, testified that the couple argued on October 3, 2015 when he saw Cahill appear at the top of the stairs with his hands behind his back. Ms Jennings said Mr Walsh was "sitting on the couch with his head in his hand" when Cahill suddenly stabbed him in the head three or four times.

"I just thought he hit him but after a few seconds, I realized he had a knife," Jennings said.

Ms Jennings denied that she was lying, when she remembered Cahill said: "I just want to kill him. I just want to kill him. "Cahill offered a different version of the show and argued that Mr. Walsh had a knife in his hand and blocked the exit when he tried to leave their bedroom. He said he went to pick up the knife but thus cut off his own hand and then the back of his head.

Ms Williams suggested she lie because she knew Jennings's evidence was "burdensome" about her deliberately going down to take the knife and stab Mr. Walsh.

"That's not true," Cahill answered.

Cahill was sentenced in April 2016 for hurting desperately for injuring Mr Walsh by throwing a large candlestick at him in November of the previous year. He was then placed on a two-year bond at Waverley Local Court. AVO was there to protect Mr. Walsh from Cahill at the time of his death.

Cahill will be sentenced on December 12.

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