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Boeing ditch 737 Max name on the new Ryanair plane

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Woodys Aeroimages


Before and after the picture shows the name of the model "737 Max" has been replaced with "737-8200"

The Boeing 737 Max which will be sent to Ryanair has changed the name of the model on the nose of the aircraft, has appeared.

The photo shared on Twitter shows a Ryanair colored plane outside the Boeing production base, with the name 737 Max replaced by 737-8200.

This has sparked speculation that the troubled Max will be renamed after two fatal accidents caused grounding throughout the world.

Boeing and Ryanair have not commented.

There were no Max planes flying since March after problems with software were linked to accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia, which killed 346 people.

Ryanair has 135 controversial Boeing orders, the first five will be sent this fall.

Before and after pictures of one of Ryanair's aircraft were posted on Woodys Aeroimages's Twitter account, which tracks Boeing's production. The picture shows the Ryanair aircraft, a larger version of Max 8, at the Boeing plant in Washington state.

Tweets claim pictures showing the original model name has been dropped.

Boeing itself does not rule out rebranding 737 Max in the future, while others have taken it to call it another name.

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At a Paris air show last month, the International Airlines Group, which owns British Airways, announced plans to buy 200 Max planes at a discount, referring to them as "B737 aircraft".

Boeing hasn't convinced the regulator that updates to the software are enough to ensure Max's security.

And last month the US Federal Aviation Administration, which had to re-approve jets for flights, revealed new defects expected to be carried out by Boeing until at least September to be repaired.

On Sunday, American Airlines said it would extend for the fourth time cancellation of around 115 flights every day. Cancellation will now continue until early November because of the ongoing 737 Max runway.

However, the company added: "American Airlines remains confident that upcoming software updates to the Boeing 737 MAX, along with new training elements developed by Boeing in coordination with our union partners, will lead to recertification of this aircraft this year."

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