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4 stars (out of 4)

Consider Widow the caper version is more electric, less foamy Ocean 8 . . . it's just that it's much better than it sounds. In fact, referring to it as a caper turns on humiliation. Instead, let's just call it an amazingly made thriller featuring blockbuster players – I think Colin Farrell billed seventh – and stories that comment on race, social class and gender. It's also very entertaining like the popcorn you see all year.

An exciting action starts with a cannon ball from an opening sequence that displays visual talent 12 years of being a slave director Steve McQueen. When we introduce each of the main characters, the film is suddenly cut into the wrong theft job. In particular, holiday vans are far from a problem, avoiding fire. The criminals, one of which is played by Liam Neeson, finally die. Stolen money caught fire. Our heroes are the titular characters they left behind. Wealthy Veronica (Viola Davis), married to the character Neeson, lives in a high-rise Chicago apartment with an adorable white fluff; Linda (Michelle Rodriguezis a new small business owner and single mother; Younger Alice (Elizabeth Debicki) is your beautiful classic baby in the forest.

Viola Davis and Cynthia Erivo at Janda Merrick Morton / Twentieth Century Fox

Dealing with losing their husbands is serious. Coming to overcome the fall was very frightening. The people they stole? Political criminals in Chicago – including two competing candidates (Farrell and Brian Tyree Henry) – with revenge through their veins. To pay off the debt, Veronica realized that she had to do the theft herself. He connects two other women to ask for help. Together, they gather their resources, turn into criminals and take care of business. In the third round, a gung-ho hairdresser (Cynthia Erivo) join them as holiday drivers. But theft is not just a mission to get cash. The world has long underestimated and belittled these women. Now it's time to prove that they are wrong.

Every actress brings something delicious to the table Widow. Davis has a no-nonsense aura even when wrapped in nothing but white towels in the women's changing room sauna. Example line: "We have a lot of work to do – crying is not on the list." Rodriguez and Erivo were never afraid to get their hands dirty. Debicki is a revelation when her fragile character turns into an independent woman. In one sharp scene, he took the great Davis into several stakes in the process. They all have to maneuver around strong and violent people, including the henchmen played by Daniel Kaluuya. The best candidate for a recent actor is mercilessly cold-blooded here that is a pathological suburban family in Exit going high-tail in the other direction. First class performances around.

Michelle Rodriguez and Elizabeth Debicki at Widows Suzanne Tenner / Twentieth Century Fox

There are not too subtle allegories in the narrative about class struggle, but we don't need to come here to fight socially. The real pleasure is to watch these women arrange their plans and track their vacation vehicles. Shooting practice is a treat, although I can do it without the strange scenes of Debicki trying to persuade an older woman to buy her gun. Women don't always agree but there is no doubt that they really are capable. The final battle between good and evil is no less than jaw-dropping. I don't use the cliche lightly.

Expect nothing more than tense, winding excellence from Gone Girl and Sharp object scenario writer Gillian Flynn, who co-wrote this baby with McQueen. They adapted the Widow of a British TV series that might not ring a bell. Their clear message is that nothing is free in sandy America. Now, that and if you need work, call Miss. This holiday season, revenge is the best dish served super-charged and sizzling hot.

Widow opened in theaters on Friday, November 16

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