Thursday , May 6 2021

Update, This New Huawei Nova 3i Feature

Introduced in July, Huawei launched an update for the Nova 3i smartphone. An update feature to enhance the capabilities of this camera is called the Handheld Night Mode and launched thoroughly for Huawei Nova 3i users.

This update has been launched since November 1 with the EMUI version 9.0-131. Handheld Night Mode is a feature that allows smartphone users to record photos at night without having to use a tripod.

By optimizing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) system algorithms inside the device, this feature will assist in AI detection for grip, lighting, anti-shock processing, and other AI photography features.

Later, the photos produced by this camera will look natural, brighter, and clearer.

Following the predecessor model, the Huawei Nova 3i uses four cameras where 24 MP and 2 MP for the front and 16 MP and 2 MP for the rear.

Priced at Rp. 4.199 million, the AI ​​camera owned by Huawei Nova 3i can recognize more than 209 scenarios. Coupled with the Handheld Night Mode feature update will make Nova 3i camera more qualified.

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