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The Story of Tukul Buy a House that He Used to Rent Rp 150,000 When First in Jakarta

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The life journey of comedian Tukul Riyanto or known as Tukul Arwana to become famous and successful as now is not as easy as imagined.

After getting married in 1995, Tukul together with his late wife, Susiana, known as Susi Similikiti, wandered from Semarang to Jakarta, starting from zero or having nothing.

In Jakarta, they first lived in a rented house with a rental price of Rp 150,000 per month.

Tukul started work as a driver. Until finally Tukul's humorous talents were channeled while working on SK humor radio.

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However, even then the salary he received was not enough to pay rent in the North Cipete area.

"Working on the radio is Rp. 75 thousand. The rest are looking for it," Tukul said in a video on the MNCTV Rumah Seleb YouTube account as quoted. Kompas.com, Saturday (10/12/2019).

Tukul's fortune to be a comedian apparently continues to flow freely. Until finally, the house he had rented was now bought. Tukul bought two rented houses, then made one house.

"Thank God, finally I bought it," said Tukul grateful.

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The one-story house looks simple with the dominance of blue paint. Once the door is opened, in the living room section you can already see a number of family photographs on display.

The house that became the history of Tukul's successful life journey now holds many memories. Especially with his wife Susi who passed away on August 23, 2016.

As if he did not want to be separated from his past memories, the host of Empat Empat Mata did indeed fill the house with photographs with his deceased wife and also their three children.

"In the past, it will still be a memory stuck continue. History with him (Susi) still sticks on. The process is from, from man zero to hero. P."There is no process, no one, until finally thank God the door of ease and provision from God," said Tukul.

Even though he does not live in the house anymore, Tukul still takes care of him. The house that is currently occupied by Tukul is very close to the house full of memories.

In addition to being able to buy the house he rented, Tukul now also has 200 rented houses.

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