Take a look at Petra Sihombing's Preparation to Welcome Her First Child Birth: Okezone Celebrity


JAKARTA – Petra Sihombing and his wife, Firrina Sinatrya, are currently waiting for the birth of their first child. Various preparations have been made by both of them in welcoming the baby.

Preparations start from the planning of the delivery process, the room, until the clothes apparently have started to be paid in installments by the married couple on March 23, 2018. Petra even began to reduce his work so he could always accompany his wife.

"When it's near it, it's just right. Already ready to go nowhere. But if before that, it still remains as usual, "Firrina said when met in Central Jakarta on Thursday (11/08/2018).

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Petra and Firrina even pocketed the name for the baby. Although the sex of the baby does not want to be mentioned, both of them already have names for birth later.

Meanwhile Firrina, is now starting to learn a lot about how to pet and bathe the baby. Luckily, he had experience when he used to pet his sister.

"Actually, I have an Adek, so I used to know how to do it. Yes, most of it is, "said Firrina.

Since it was known to be a two body, Petra was more protective of his wife. He always reminded his wife to keep her body from falling ill.

"If it's more protective, it's just the same. The important thing is, I know that I know the limits, I can know if it's tired, don't force it, "he said.



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