Wednesday , August 4 2021

Static Exercises Reduce the Risk of More Heart Pain

Static exercise reduces the risk of heart disease more than aerobics.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Physical fitness study scientists stated that all physical activity is beneficial. But they revealed, static exercises such as strength training can reduce the risk of heart disease more than aerobic activities such as running.

For this study, the researchers analyzed various cardiovascular risk factors such as high blood pressure, being overweight, diabetes, and high cholesterol. All of that is associated with these two types of exercise.

They used data from 4,089 US adults in the National Health and Nutrition Survey in 2005-2006. The researcher made adjustments for age, gender, and whether or not the person smoked.

Adults are divided into two age groups. Namely young adults aged 21 to 44 years and older adults aged 45 years and over.

In total, about one third (36 percent) of young adults and a quarter (25 percent) of older adults are noted to have participated in dynamic activities, such as walking and cycling.

The researchers found that being involved in both types of activities could be associated with 30 to 70 percent lower levels of cardiovascular risk factors. But researchers found the strongest benefits among those who were younger and chose static exercise.

"Static activity seems more beneficial than dynamic and patients who do both types of physical activity fared better than patients who only increase one type of activity," said statistical epidemiologist and assistant professor at Grenada's St. George University Dr. Maia Smith, as reported by Sunday (11/18).

Smith believes this provides an opportunity for doctors to counsel older patients that those who enter the gym or take part in a road race will be fine. "The important thing is to make sure they are involved in physical activity," he said again.

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