Signals of Sule’s Wife’s Pregnancy Revealed the Impact of Lina’s Child, Nathalie Hoslcher: Love?


BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Ferdi Anak Sule and the late Lina Jubaedah cry on Nathalie Holscher’s lap. From this incident Sule’s wife talked about Ferdinand’s new sister.

Yes, as a loving mother, Nathalie tries to calm Rizky Febian’s youngest brother.

It never subsided, Ferdinand cried even more when Nathalie Holscher intended to leave him.

In fact, Nathalie casually asked Ferdinand to play with people at home.

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Confused because it wasn’t getting better, then Nathalie Holscher mentioned Ferdinand’s attitude who was still whining even though his parents wanted to give him a new sister.

Then Nathalie asked Ferdinand about this as recorded in a vlog on the Sunah Official youtube channel entitled ‘Manjanya Anak Aku’ on Sunday (12/6/2020).

Nathalie occasionally moved her hand from Ferdinand’s back.

However, the little boy, who didn’t want his mother to leave, pulled back Nathalie’s arm.

“How do you want to have a sister, try it if you are like this? Don’t do anything about it? Love it,” said Nathalie Holscher, quoted by, Sunday (12/6/2020).

“Wow ?? Yes, son ??, “he continued.

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