Saturday , May 8 2021

Rapid Development, JUKIR Application Presents Progressive Parking Tariff Technology

JUKIR application. ( – The JUKIR application is known to continue to develop until now. The parking application from PT Nusantara Digital Investama already has more than 1,000 partners spread across the capital city road. Starting a trial on the Implementation of Parking by Using the In-Parking Parking Application System in May 2018, currently JUKIR has presented a progressive parking tariff technology on the shoulder.

Related to parking rates that have been set by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government (Pemprov), namely Two-Wheeled Vehicles of Rp.200 / hour, Four Wheelers of Rp.5,000 / hour, and more than four-wheeled Rp.8,000 / hour. Except in East Jakarta, this tariff applies to almost all road segments that are partners of JUKIR.

It is expected that the progressive system in the JUKIR application will be in line with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government policy, which wants road users to anticipate the duration of parking on the shoulder. Thus the road will not experience congestion.

JUKIR Founder and CEO Budi Hartono revealed, in the future JUKIR will complete the payment feature cashless specifically for parking on the shoulder. In addition, he also hopes that the existence of this JUKIR application can help increase the revenue of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government in terms of road shoulder parking.

"I hope that with this progressive system, parking attendant revenues and also the government can continue to increase in the parking sector," said Budi.

For information, PT Nusantara Digital Investama has collaborated with the Parking Management Unit of the Jakarta Provincial Transportation Agency in the framework of Trying to Carry Out Parking by Using the In-Parking Parking Application System since May 2018.

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