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Purple Pink Sky Phenomenon in Japan, This Explanation of Science

Pink Sky Phenomenon
Pink sky phenomenon. Photo: Special

The world is being shocked by the phenomenon of pink purple sky in Japan. Even though it looks beautiful, it is a sign of a terrible cyclone.

Noted that
This celestial phenomenon signifies that there will be a significant Typhoon Hagibis
fast in Filipino.

Hurricane Disasters
Hagibis is predicted to devastate the area of ​​Nagoya, Japan. This incident
became the worst event in Japan since 1958 ago.

Sky Pink Phenomenon in Japan

The pink purple sky in Japan hides a great disaster that must be watched out for. The Typhoon Hagibis disaster itself is expected to have speeds of up to 160 km / h at its center.

Knowing things
The Japanese government urges all residents who live at the location
affected to immediately evacuate to a safe place.

Residents also prepare everything, including food needed while evacuating. This can be seen from the food shelves in supermarkets that look empty since there is a pink sky purple phenomenon.

requiring residents to flee, Hurricane Hagibis also affected
on the course of various events in Japan.

It is known, the F1 Grand Prix and Rugby World Cup were also canceled. Meanwhile, Twitter is being livened up with the hashtags #SaveJapan and #PrayforJapan which are trending topics.

Explanation of Science

The phenomenon of pink purple sky in Japan is known as a scattering phenomenon. This apparition preceded the coming storm.

This scattering itself occurs when molecules and small particles exist in
the atmosphere influences the direction of the light. These conditions cause the light

The presence of a storm
large followed by heavy rain can wash away particles that are
larger size with the ability to absorb light better.

the waves can be spread more evenly with the result of a hue
damping coming out of the air. This makes the sky more color
bright and sharp.

Lauren Rautenkranz as a meteorologist explained that the phenomenon of pink purple sky in Japan was also seen in Florida, United States in 2018 after Hurricane Michael.

It was explained that the sun's rays that illuminated the Earth had a color spectrum, where most of the color can reach the Earth's surface without obstacles.

It is just,
shorter wavelengths, i.e. blue and purple scattered in
every direction. As you know, from the color spectrum, purple is long
shortest wave.

With reason
the human eye cannot see it. The blue color can only be detected
by human eyes in the sky.

To be known,
the color purple becomes an introduction when a terrible storm hit. In this condition,
the air became very saturated.

Not only that,
the cloud is also closer to the ground. The dew point is also very high. Then
from that, don't consider trivial signs of disaster shown in the sky.

Another case if
a storm takes place at sunrise or sunset, the phenomenon will
bring up the true color of the sky.

Red Sky in Indonesia

apparently had experienced a terrible celestial phenomenon, precisely in Muaro
Jambi, with a reddish color.

As explained by amateur astronomer Marufin Sudibyo, the phenomenon of the red sky is different from the phenomenon of pink purple sky in Japan.

The sky phenomenon in Muaro Jambi is caused by the scattering of light from particular impurities of forest fires.

Noted that
the event is Rayleigh scattering phenomenon. This phenomenon is not as well
necessarily associated with disaster, but as an indicator of occurrence
disaster with certain conditions.

According to Marufin,
a color phenomenon in the sky can be a sign of disaster only if
purple or reddish at dusk.

The color
also last long enough when compared to normal. That is caused
by sulfuric acid aerosols which are spread in the stratosphere layer.

This aerosol
itself formed due to a terrible volcanic eruption. Other than that,
aerosols can also form due to collisions of comets or asteroids whose size

Marufin too
explained that the phenomenon of the color of the sky as happened in Japan too
widely reported in the northern hemisphere.

The phenomenon of pink and purple sky in Japan does seem pretty. It's just that, behind his charm saved a big disaster that must be wary of. (R10 / HR-Online)

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