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Partial Lunar Eclipse Will Occur July 17, Can Be Seen From Indonesia, Lo! – All Pages – What sky events have you been waiting for this July?

In July of this year, there will be a partial or partial lunar eclipse, you!

This time a partial lunar eclipse will be seen from Australia, Africa, South America, most of Europe and Asia.

That is, those of us in Indonesia can see this part of the Moon Eclipse, friends.

Lunar eclipse and solar eclipse

Previously, you already knew the difference between a Partial Lunar Eclipse and a Total Moon Eclipse, haven't you?

Total lunar eclipse occurs when all parts of the Moon's face enter the shadow of the Umbra or the darkest shadow of the Earth.

Meanwhile, a partial lunar eclipse occurs when part of the face of the Moon enters the umbra shadow of the Earth.

According to the site Time and Date, Solar eclipses always occur about two weeks before or after the lunar eclipse, friends.

Friends certainly remember, right? Last July 2, 2019 there was also a total solar eclipse sky event.

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Unfortunately at that time we could not see the Total Solar Eclipse this year because the phenomenon was only seen from South America, precisely in Chile and Argentina.

But, we can see another celestial phenomenon, the Partial Lunar Eclipse!

Site based Time and Date, the possibility of a partial lunar eclipse this July will be seen in Indonesia in the early hours, friends.

We find out the Partial Moon Eclipse phase, let's go!

Partial Lunar Eclipse Phase July 17, 2019

Well, here is the phase of the Partial Lunar Eclipse that will occur in Jakarta with West Indonesia Time, friends.

At 1:43 a.m., the Moon will enter the penumbra or the faint shadow of the Earth.

Then at 3:01 a.m., a partial lunar eclipse will begin with the face of the moon that looks slightly reddish.

Partial Lunar Eclipse will reach its peak at 04:30 WIB because the Moon is getting closer to the center of the umbra shadow.

This means that the peak of the Partial Moon Eclipse will be seen at 5:30 WITA in Central Indonesia and at 6:30 WIT in the Eastern Indonesia region.

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After that, the partial lunar eclipse will take place around 05:59 WIB and begin to approach the horizon. During this phase we might have trouble seeing it again, friends.

Oh yes, to ensure the timing of the Lunar Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse, friends can also see it with the help of applications, one of which is 'Solar & Lunar Eclipses' which can be downloaded on the Play Store and App Store.

If you want to see the partial lunar eclipse on July 17, 2019, you have to get up early, huh! Hihi ..

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