Thursday , May 6 2021

Overcome with these 4 things, so that stress does not interfere with your digestion –

PortalMadura.Com – Have you ever felt heartburn while on duty to speak in public? Well, that's one example of stress when it comes to your digestive health. If this is allowed, it can cause a series of other digestive disorders. Stress is a mental disorder that is often faced by people due to pressure. When you feel a big threat or challenge, hormones will surge throughout your body.

It's not all stress is not bad, but too much stress is also not good for health and can endanger your mental and physical. It turns out stress also affects your intestinal health. The effect of stress on your intestine depends on how long you experience stress. Short-term stress can cause you to lose your appetite and your digestion slows down.

One of the keys to better digestion is regular stress management. Reducing stress can reduce inflammation in the intestine, and keep you nutritious, because your body can focus on absorbing the nutrients you need.

But don't worry, deal with these 4 things if you find stress levels that affect your digestion.

Practice yoga
The easiest way if you are exposed to stress problems. As many people know that yoga can improve and support your digestion, make sure you also get enough physical activity consistently, such as walking and running.

Try to meditate
A study revealed that mindful meditation practice can help reduce inflammation, a sign of stress in the body. In turn, this can relieve the digestive system being depressed.

It's easy, try sitting up straight and take 2-4 turns of deep breathing. Inhale for 4 counts, hold for 4, and exhale for 4 counts.

Take prebiotics and probiotics
Prebiotics and probiotics can change the composition of bacteria in the intestinal microbiome and create an ideal environment for more bacteria to develop and support digestion.

Avoid smoking
If you feel stress levels are increasing, it is better to avoid smoking from now on. Heart and respiratory disease is most often associated with smoking, but research also shows that bad habits can affect your digestive system too.

Smoking can increase the risk of getting stomach ulcers, and related cancers. If you smoke, consider making a plan and consult with your doctor or health practitioner to help you reduce or stop smoking completely.(Okezone.Com/Nurul)

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