Thursday , May 6 2021

Not Bandages, Teenagers Died from Drunk Deodorant – Health – Indonesia has recently been horrified by the case of a group of teenagers who were drunk with boiled water pads. Now in the Netherlands, a teenager dies after inhaling deodorant while trying to get drunk.

This teenager from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, who was not named, died of poisoning.

It is known, he is a drug addict who is doing rehabilitation addicted to marijuana and ketamine.

In a report published in the journal BMJ Case Reports, the cause of death of this teenager is known to be heart failure.

Inhaling the deodorant to look for a feeling of being drunk or 'high' that can cause a deodorant odor.

But the content of compounds in deodorants is very dangerous if inhaled, and the life of the teenager was not helped even though he had tried to be saved by a doctor.

The report said that butane substances in deodorants could cause serious harm if inhaled.

"If the butane enters the body to affect the nervous system, then the impact can be on the heart, liver, to the kidneys," he concluded.

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