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No move Syahrini quipped by Hotman Paris in front of Aisyahrani, Shouted the wife of Reino Barack

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Syahrini's wife Reino Barack when Hotman Paris teased her sister Aisyahrani who gave a birthday present.

Syahrini seemed unable to move when Hotman Paris gave a satire to Reino Barack's wife.

That moment happened when Syahrini gave a birthday present to Hotman Paris.

As is known, the famous lawyer Hotman Paris had his birthday on October 20, 2019 and then the 60th year.

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Smiling, Hotman Paris also received a birthday present from Syahrini.

Syahrini's intimacy with the well-known lawyer also increasingly proves that his relationship with Hotman Paris has improved.

But instead of softening, Hotman Paris actually returned to give satire to Syahrini.

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Quoted by TribunnewsBogor.com from the Instagram page @hotmanparisofficial, Hotman Paris at that time alluded to Syahrini's behavior.

The teasing was given after Hotman Paris was given a gift by Syahrini.

Yes, remember with the special moments of his lawyer, Syahrini also gave an expensive gift for Hotman Paris.

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