Saturday , October 23 2021

Marc Marquez Admits Wrong, Now How Does Honda Move?



Marc Marquez has admitted himself guilty. He acted rashly. What is still waiting for is how his team, Repsol Honda, should move.

His mistake, as admitted by Marc Marquez, was a reckless step he had taken in MotoGP 2020. That was because he wanted to rush back to the track and race again, even though he had just undergone surgery.

“This year taught me a lot. The first, trying to come back after the injury was reckless. I broke my plate at home, opened the sliding door when I had to go out into the park. But the plate didn’t break there, it broke as a result of all the pressure it created. in Jerez. Trying to come back at Jerez was a mistake. I learned that riders have advantages and disadvantages, which riders see no fear, so they (doctors) have to make us see it, “said Marc Marquez.

Marc Marquez was practically absent throughout the 2020 racing season. He crashed at Jerez in the first series, the Spanish MotoGP, but has the ambition to appear in the next series, the Andalusian MotoGP, on the same circuit.

As a result of his rush to appear again, Marc Marquez then experienced a setback in the recovery process. Moreover, like he said, there was an incident with the sliding door in his house. Throughout the 2020 MotoGP he also climbed the operating table three times.

“After the first operation, the first question from every rider is: when can I return to racing? And the doctor has to know how to stop you, he has to be realistic,” said Marquez.

Marc Marquez’s latest operation was carried out in the middle of this week in the city of Madrid. The Spanish rider with six MotoGP world championship titles in his eight seasons is predicted to miss several months at the start of the 2021 MotoGP series.

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