Honor 8X Vs Redmi Note 6 Pro, Is Honor So 'Xiaomi Killer'?


JawaPos.com – Two smartphone brands this week are involved in the 'cold war'. He was Honor Vs Xiaomi who was caught holding the latest product launch event simultaneously in Jakarta, Tuesday (6/11). Xiaomi championed the Redmi Note 6 Pro and Mi 8 Lite, while Honor didn't want to lose by releasing Honor 8X.

There was something interesting about the two events which also JawaPos.com had attended. Xiaomi seemed calm to hold the event at a time that was only one hour adrift earlier than its rival Honor. There are no other comments or responses about the same launch day and hours as Honor. While Honor looks different. The brand new smartphone that was officially present in Indonesia at the beginning of last year seemed to be 'angry'

Honor Indonesia President James Yang said that Xiaomi, which held the same event, had upset and upset the team. In a media session after the launch event, James even dared to mention that the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro was not good enough to match the greatness of the Honor 8X made by him.

Yes, Honor 8X VS Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro. Honor 8X Vs Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite is not visited by James and we will discuss it on another occasion.

Interested in comparing the two products, JawaPos.com tries to have a second-hand mainstay of Chinese vendor products in the homeland market. Honor promises stunning design, innards and visual aspects with its screen technology. While Xiaomi with the Redmi Note 6 Pro, the smartphone carries the advantage of a selfie with the presence of two selfie cameras on the front of the smartphone.

Then, is it true that Honor 8X can be a weapon in Honor's ambition to be 'Xiaomi Killer'? Consider the following review.

Kitchen Runway

To start the review, we will first step into the runway business. Oh yeah, as a reminder, we already have both smartphones. But to review further from the perspective of the usage experience we will do it later. For this article, what we value is only looking at the comparison of the specifications of the two existing products.

For Honor 8X, this smartphone is equipped with a System on Chip (SoC) HiSilicon Kirin 710 with 12 nm fabrication technology. Armed with these chipsets, the 8X Honor smartphone is predicted to be able to handle almost all aspects of cellphone use by the owner later. The chipset, which is called the equivalent of the competitor's Snapdragon 636 and 660 which is also present on both Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro and Mi 8 Lite devices, makes Honor more convinced that it can handle Xiaomi's dominance in the country.

The Octa-core Kirin 710 processor has 4×2.2 GHz Cortex-A73 & 4×1.7 GHz Cortex-A53 reliability. The Honor 8X smartphone that is present in Indonesia is also combined with RAM and internal storage, namely 4 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. There is also GPU Turbo which promises to be more sophisticated graphics with the Mali-G51 MP4 graphics hardware equivalent.

The internal memory isn't big enough for you? Relax, Honor provides flexibility with the possibility of upgrading storage up to 400 GB through the MicroSD slot on the device.

Shift to the second product, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro. The smartphone is equipped with a 1.8 GHz Kryo 260 Snapdragon 636 Octa-core processor with 14 nm fabrication. Qualcomm's chipset is supported by two choices of capacity in RAM, namely, 3 GB and 4 GB. Each internal memory, which is 32 GB and 64 GB which can be expanded with MicroSD. Graphic business, Snapdragon 636 is branded with Adron 509 GPU to balance the performance of the Redmi Note 6 Pro.

In terms of performance, the two smartphones each have advantages. But for the innards aspect, the Honor seems to have succeeded in making the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro submissive. Just look at the storage business.

Honor, which only comes with one storage variant, directly 'beats' Xiaomi with 4 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM. While Xiaomi which has two options has not been able to match Honor 8X with 3 GB and 4 GB RAM along with 32 GB and 64 GB ROM.

Another aspect of the runway business that makes Honor superior is the 12 nm fabrication technology on the processor. While Xiaomi with the Snapdragon 636 is only capable of being present in just 14nm fabrications. Snapdragon 636 itself supports artificial intellogence (AI) features. Likewise Kirin 710 already supports this feature. Up to now the Honor 8X wins rather than the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro, Honor 8X, Honor Vs Xiaomi
Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro (GSMArena)

Design and Screen

Shift to the next side, namely the design and screen. The Honor 8X, as we mentioned above, puts forward pride in terms of design. Indeed, this is not the first time Honor has come to Indonesia with its design excellence.

With a sparkling design and shiny colors, Honor is now also a trendsetter among other vendors. From the side of the screen, the similarities between the two smartphones are both carrying screens with bangs or notch.

For business, the Honor 8X comes with an IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen display panel, 16 M colors with a span of 6.5 inches. The resolution itself is 1,080 x 2,340 pixels with 19,5: 9 aspect ratio (396 ppi density). Other, the Honor 8X has also used Chip-on-Film (CoF) technology to make the screen more spacious with a thin bezel.

Another factor of the Honor 8X screen is that it has used a special antenna design placed on the side. With this technology, Honor is able to make the lower bezel thinner, which is only 4.25 mm and produces a screen to body aspect ratio of 91 percent.

The attractive screen of the Honor 8X is also equipped with TUV Rheinland certification. Armed with a certificate from the verifier of the device, Honor claims the newest smartphone screen is more healthy for its users. Because, the screen is claimed to be able to reduce the effects of ultra violet (UV) rays that are harmful to the eye in the long run.

Switch to the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro. Just like the Honor 8X, this device comes with IPS LCD display material. For screen size, Xiaomi packs a screen measuring 6.26 inches and has bangs on it.

For the aspect ratio of the screen to the body, the successor smartphone of the Redmi Note 5 has an aspect ratio of 86 percent to the body. Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro comes with the same screen power as the Honor 8X, namely FullHD Plus with a resolution of 1,080 x 2,280 pixels and an aspect ratio of 19: 9. The screen is coated with scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass. The brightness of the screen is also capable of being displayed, which is 500 nits.

Another factor in terms of design, the Honor 8X with Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro is a market design that has significant differences. Honor 8X wears a body design with glazed rear material. Honor 8X has the colors blue, black and the color is superior red.

While the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro hasn't done this with a body that hasn't sparkled in blue, black and rose gold. For your information, the glittering body design on Xiaomi devices in Indonesia is present at the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite.

Honor 8X, Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro, Honor Vs Xiaomi
Honor 8X (GeekBuying)


In the camera sector, there are two cameras installed on the back of the body of the Honor 8X device that act as the main camera with AI features. The size is 20 MP and 2 MP with openings f / 1.8. While acting as a selfie camera, on the front there is a single sensor measuring 16 MP with an f / 2.0 aperture.

The Honor 8X with its AI camera is claimed to be able to recognize more than 500 scenarios in 22 categories, to produce clear images with stabilizing technology based on machine learning. The Honor 8X is also favored thanks to the optimal camera features in minimal conditions and was recognized by senior photographer Arbain Rambey. Some interesting features such as slow-motion and others are also present on this device.

Shifting to the second product, there is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro which comes with dual front and rear cameras. For the dual rear camera each has 12 MP resolution (f / 1.9) and 5 MP (f / 2.2). Then for dual front camera resolution of 20 MP (f / 2.0) and 2 MP (f.2.2). The camera has also been supported by AI technology with 27 scene detection categories to produce beautiful photos, and AI technology for photographing bokeh using 6 effects.

If the size is the amount, then Xiaomi with the Redmi Note 6 Pro wins based on the number of cameras it carries, namely as many as four cameras. Two in front and two behind. But both of these products seem to be able to compete.

Street photography enthusiasts might have a crush on the Honor 8X main camera with a size of 20 MP and 2 MP. That is enough beyond the Redmi Note 6 Pro which only has a 12 MP and 5 MP main camera.

But for selfie enthusiasts, the Redmi Note 6 Pro might be more suitable for you to choose than the Honor 8X thanks to two 20 MP resolution self-cameras plus 2 MP. So, in our opinion, which camera is better, just adjust it to your needs.

Honor 8X, Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro, Honor Vs Xiaomi
Honor 8X and Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro comparison tables. (Rian Alfianto / JawaPos.com)

Battery Power, Security and Price

Performance, design, and screen already. The camera too. Now at the end of the article, the battery aspect, security, and price turn will be discussed. For matters of batteries, the Honor 8X is equipped with a 3,750 mAh Li-Po battery. While for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro superior with more powerful power, which is 4,000 mAh with the same material as Honor 8X.

For security features it also seems similar. Some excellent features such as fingerprint sensors, lock devices with face detection are also available on these two devices.

Lastly for pocket affairs. Both smartphones with their respective advantages are released at a price that is not much different. Honor 8X is a little more expensive than the Redmi Note 6 Pro the highest variant.

However, the price of the Honor 8X is sold at a price of Rp 3.999 million in accordance with the specifications planted. That price seems appropriate if you compare the Redmi Note 6 Pro, which sells Rp. 2.899 million for RAM and 3/32 GB ROM and Rp. 3.299 million for the most high variants armed with RAM and 4/64 GB ROM.

With that price, you can judge for yourself. The 8X Honor with 4/128 GB is too expensive than the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro 4/64 GB or not. Others, just adjust it to your needs.

Honor 8X, in our opinion, is suitable for you photography enthusiasts with the main camera larger than the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro. While for you the narcissist, the Redmi Note 6 Pro with a dual selfie camera might be the answer. Yes, which answer you need, that's what suits you.

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