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Gradient, a Fun and Scary Application

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JAKARTA – FaceApp is an AI-powered photo modifier application selfie the most sought after by people. Using different filters, the photo owner will look younger, older, or even change the color of his hair.

FaceApp also became the best-selling application on the Apple App Store. There are even 100 million installations from the Google Play Store after 30 months of launch.

Now a similar application is available for iOS and Android, called Gradient. This is a photo editor that offers a way for users to customize the appearance of self portraits and selfies and has now added new features that are liked by many of its users.

This new feature takes selfie and find historical people or celebrities who resemble users. Then the edited photo leads to the famous figure who can share the results on social media.

"We want to introduce our new FUN feature – the most accurate similar technology! See historical people or celebrities who look like you and share amazing results with your friends as Story or Post!" Gradient said as reported by the Phone Arena website.

Although Gradient is free to install on your mobile, some features require a recurring subscription. You can request a free 3 day trial and after that users will be billed monthly or weekly.

But before you install the application, there are some danger signs that follow the application. The application developer, Ticket to the Moon, Inc., is unknown and the early warning system displays several negative experiences. The first comment reads, "This application is terrible. I want to unsubscribe because I am not at all satisfied with my free trial and I really can't. There is no way to unsubscribe. They haven't replied to my email. And I can't find a number call for an application or merge they have. This is ridiculous. This is really a fraud. I would be very angry if I was billed Rp.280,000 a month for services that I didn't want and could cancel. Fix this. "

And if the comments aren't scary enough, some mention how difficult it is to cancel after the three-day free trial ends.


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