Got hit by FIFA sanctions, PSSI Gives Birth to Filanesia Although Failed in the AFF Cup 2018


BOLASPORT.COM – PSSI has just gotten a bad reality when the Indonesian national team failed to qualify for the 2018 AFF Cup semi-finals. However, the PSSI did not fully fail in running the program, especially two post-off sanctions from FIFA.

The Indonesian national team's failure in the AFF 2018 Cup was a momentum of improvement for PSSI.

The Indonesian football federation, which is 88 years old, has received scathing criticism and pressure from the public.

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Many people who consider PSSI fail in managing football, although objectively they still have a good number of records.

There are many development programs and development of football that are running, Indonesia has also regained the trust of international football communication.

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The country hosts several tournaments, following the freezing of organizations from the government and two-year sanctions from FIFA.

PSSI has created 1500 teachers having D license training certification in East Java and Maluku.


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