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Gisel Find First Spreader Video Exciting Called Similar Himself

JAKARTA, – Singer Gisel plans to report to the police about the spread of exciting videos and photos of the cast coupled with his photo.

"Make a report later Friday, want to find anyone who spread," said Gisel when met at Senayan City, Senayan, South Jakarta, Wednesday (10/23/2019).

He hopes to find the first person to spread the exciting video and pair the actor's photo with him.

"Hopefully, if you can meet who made the photo for the first time to be able to give a deterrent effect to these people. To not harm me or harm anyone else in the future, "added the woman whose full name was Gisella Anastasia.

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Gisel said he could not be sure about the opportunity to make peace with the perpetrators.

"I don't understand, anyway temuin just first. If later peace or what is actually really want to let it be a deterrent anyway, "said Gisel.

But Gisel admitted that he often couldn't bear to others, even though that person was guilty of him.

"I'm just the one who doesn't have the heart. Most later, see who, what role, I just want to see it. The important thing can be (the perpetrators) first, "said Gisel.

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Photos that juxtapose Gisel with women in the exciting video was spread on social media on Tuesday (10/22/2019).

Not only that, the exciting video was circulated on various social media. Gisel firmly denied the assumption that the woman in the video was herself.

"I can be sure it's not me. It's just sad, "said Gisel when contacted by reporters on Tuesday (10/22/2019).

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