Tuesday , October 26 2021

Future Folding Devices Will Be Thinner and Lighter


JawaPos.com – Cell phone smartphone that can be folded will enable growth in the market smartphone which is being saturated. This was conveyed by Lee Jong-min, executive director of the planning team at Samsung’s Cellular Division.

Himself also mentioned that smartphone folding is a device with many new ideas and technologies. ” Folding phones are not an extension of smartphone existing, but a completely new field, ” Lee said at the 2020 Samsung Investor Forum TheLec.

Question smartphone fold, especially for Samsung, in the forum he also added that foldable phones will become thinner and lighter in the future, although this is not the case with the Galaxy Z Fold2, which rose to 282 grams from 263 grams previously.

The redesigned hinge offers several advantages (prevents the entry of dust, can be locked at several corners), but it makes the closed phone about 15.5mm to 16.8mm thick.

Most owners buy the Fold2 because of its large tablet-like screen, which increases their productivity. The novelty of the design is also a salient factor in that device.

“ Galaxy Z Flip buyers are a different group, they prioritize portability and design, and, again, novelty is the main attraction), ” continued Jong-min. Additionally, collaborations with Google and Microsoft are helping Samsung improve the foldable phone experience. Meanwhile, Thom Browne helped design the unique exterior.

He boasted that Samsung’s foldable smartphone, in this case the Fold, would take over as Samsung’s premium line of phones. That’s why the Galaxy Z Fold3 will cost the same as the Fold2 and will introduce advanced features like the under-screen camera (and inherit old premium features like the S Pen).

And now that the teething issues with the hinge design have been resolved, Samsung will try to shed most of it for the Galaxy Z Fold3, which is expected to be resolved by June. The demoted S-series will launch in January to have more time to increase sales beforehand superior The folds that just arrived.

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