Fire: Source of Fire Penvil Mall from the Electric Panel


Thanks to the alertness the fire officer did not spread.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – South Jakarta Fire and Rescue Service (Damkar) Rescue Officer, Dwi Jerry, said the source of the fire came from the main electricity panel of Pejaten Village Mall (Penvil). He was one of the fire fighters who approached the location when the incident first occurred.

"The main room on the ground panel is on fire, it is around 15 square meters," he said, Tuesday (11/13) night.

Dwi explained, when the Damkar officers arrived the fire had been handled by the security and fire officers of the Penvil Mall building itself. So, he continued, the fire did not have time to spread to another room.

"The big fire, incidentally from the fire team of the building itself was ready and alert. The Damascus officer came and immediately did the cooling," he said.

Dwi ensured that the fire source conditions at the mall were safe. However, according to him, the smoke had spread throughout the building. So that damkar officers still need more time to eliminate smoke.

"It's safe. The extent of the mall is filled with smoke, the possibility of handling it can take hours," he said.

Based on observation, until 11:25 a.m. WIB, smoke was still billowing inside the mall building. The fire guards deployed a unit of vacuum cleaner and two portable vacuum cleaners to remove smoke from Penvil Mall.


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