Apartments Near LRT, Tempting Investments For Sub-Urban People

[ad_1] – The government is currently aggressively reducing the number of housing needs of Indonesian people. One of them, through a residential program with the concept of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) or known as mass transportation based housing.

Property observer David Cornellis said that property in the Light Rail Transit (LRT) station or fast train has a high investment value, due to the concept of massive transit-oriented property development in the future.

"A megakosmopolitan city such as Jakarta, requires a TOD area as an answer to congestion, because later existing residential and commercial areas will be integrated with each other and one area of ​​mass transportation systems such as TransJakarta, Commuter Trains, LRT, MRT and BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), "He said in a press release as quoted on Saturday (11/17).

According to him, the existence of Jabodebek LRT seemed to provide fresh air for the property industry. This is because the area on the side of the LRT station will be excellent. With a strategic location, the residential area next to the LRT station will be an option for sub-urban people.

One of the developers developing the property area on the side of the LRT station is PT Adhi Commuter Properti (ACP). Subsidiary of PT Adhi Karya (Persero) Tbk. this develops LRT City, an area with the concept of Transit Oriented Development, at several points of the Jabodebek LRT station.

The location of the apartment in question is near or around the workplace and daily activities. Apartments in this location will increasingly rise as traffic jams lead to Jakarta from Bekasi or Bogor due to infrastructure development.

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