Anies Baswedan Does Not Want DKI Deputy Affairs Intervention


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Governor DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan confirms that he will not intervene in the due diligence process and propriety test (fit and proper test) carried out by Gerindra and PKS in order to find candidates for the Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta. Anies handed over the entire process to the two parties.

"Let it proceed in the party," Anies said at the JCC Senayan, Wednesday (11/7).

Regarding the statement of Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo who said that if Anies as the governor could mediate between Gerindra and PKS, Anies did not want to answer it straightly. Anies only stated if he did it, he would not disclose it to the media or to the public.

"If I do it, I also don't tell, cook, I have to tell everything," Anies said.

When asked further whether he had mediated behind the scenes, Anies was also reluctant to answer him straightforwardly. However, he ensured if he continued to communicate with Gerindra and PKS.

"I don't want to claim it is behind the scenes, but communication continues," Anies said.

Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo had stated that the candidate candidate was the authority of Gerindra and PKS as the bearer party. Therefore, his party could not interfere in the process.

Anies Baswedan Does Not Want DKI Deputy Affairs InterventionMinister of Home Affairs, Tjahjo Kumolo. Photo: CNN Indonesia / Hesti Rika

However, according to Tjahjo Anies, the governor could actually play a role in mediating between Gerindra and PKS.

"That is the political party's authority, which can mediate with the governor himself, the governor pack is a package," Tjahjo said on Tuesday (6/11).

On the other hand, Anies also claimed to have never interacted with the two names that were widely rumored to be carried out by PKS namely Ahmad Syaikhu and Agung Yulianto.

Nevertheless, Anies claims if he knows the two figures.

"Interacting has never been, with all of those names I haven't interacted," Anies said. (design)


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