Adi Bagas had 8 years to defend the Indonesian team in the AFF

[ad_1], Jakarta – Versatile Defender Arema FC, Bagas Adi Nugroho, admitted he was half-faithless that there are some Indonesian national players who will compete in the 2018 AFF. This moment is like a dream come true.

Eight years ago, 21-year-old young footballers prayed to the Creator who wanted to defend the Indonesian national team among Southeast Asian countries. It did not matter that they responded in 2010 for a moment.

"AFF Cup the most prestigious event in South East Asia. I dreamed that I was able to play AFF Cup when I was an adult. Especially because he witnessed the performance of the Indonesian national team in the AFF Cup in 2010. At that time, I was also at the Jakarta-based Indonesian Football Academy (IFA), "said the player born on March 8, 1997.

Bagas claimed he was amazed to see the action of the Indonesian national team in the field. The Red and White team serves as the venue for the 2010 AFF Cup Concert Festival.

The Indonesian national team led by Alfred Riedl fascinated the public's football in the country. The Bung Karno Main Stadium became the sea of ​​people.

"Me and Hanif Sjahbandi (a colleague of Arema) gave direct support at Bung Karno Main Stadium and we looked at fans.

The exact date of the match against Malaysia. Indonesia has won very well 5-1, and euphoria was extraordinary. Otherwise, I saw one of my idols, Hamka Hamzah, who then defended the senior Indonesian national team. Day-long prayers can protect the country at the same event. "It's wonderful, my wish has come true," said Bagas.

They made a big sacrifice Bagas Adi Nugroho uto be able to realize your dream. The Sleman bloody player must be ready to break away from his family and develop his soccer field. Recognition of your ability is now available from members of the Arema FC club.

"The most important thing I have to do is to be mentally and intense when I join the national team because it is a collection of high-quality players who are quality and I'm determined not to take this rare opportunity," Bagas said.


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