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7 Symptoms of Tipes, Don't Think Trivial, Jakarta – Typhus or typhoid fever is a disease commonly experienced by Indonesians, both children and adults. Before developing this disease, usually the sufferer experiences symptoms of typhus first.

Typhus is caused by the bacterium Salmonella typhi. These bacteria are usually present in water that is contaminated with feces and can stick to the food or drinks you consume.

If you are often hawking indiscriminately when your immune system is decreasing, you are threatened by typhoid symptoms. Especially for children, because they like to buy food carelessly. Even though children are not as strong as adults, so they are susceptible to typhoid fever.

Not only through food or drinks contaminated with S. typhi bacteria, this disease can also be caused through direct contact with an infected person. You can experience this bacterial infection if you eat food cooked by typhoid fever sufferers.

After you consume the contaminated food, the bacteria then enter the bloodstream and are carried by white blood cells to the liver, spleen, and bone marrow.

After that, bacteria will multiply in these organs and re-enter the bloodstream. When S.typhi bacteria attacks the bloodstream, you begin to experience typhoid symptoms.

Without realizing it, the sufferer often underestimates the symptoms typhus which risks aggravating the condition of his body. So what are the symptoms of typhoid fever? The following is a complete review of various sources.

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