Saturday , May 8 2021

Vodafone Offers 100 Percent Cashback for Unlimited Charging Packages

Vodafone has launched a 100 percent cashback offer on unlimited unlimited prepaid packages, taking people like Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio. 100 percent money back will be given in the form of several vouchers with a value of Rs. 50 through the MyVodafone application. This offer is valid in most Vodafone circles and can be redeemed through unlimited Rs top-up packages. 399, Rs. 458, and Rs. 509 unlimited refill packages. Third full charging mainly offers 1.4GB of daily data, 100 SMS per day, and unlimited voice calls – along with different validities.

To take advantage of new cashback offers, prepaid Vodafone customers must choose Rs. 399, Rs. 458, or Rs. 509 recharge. Money back will be given through a total of eight Rs. 50 vouchers if Rs. 399 entries have been processed through the MyVodafone application. Similarly, for Rs. 458 refills, customers will get nine vouchers worth Rs. 50 each or ten vouchers prefer Rs. 509 recharge. It should be noted here that the benefits of 100 percent money back through vouchers will only be given once. This means you will not get a cashback voucher to recharge the future. Also, only one voucher can be used to refill the next. New Vodafone customers cannot take advantage of cashback offers on their first refill.vodafone 100 cashback offers screenshots of the 360 ​​Vodafone gadget 100% cashback

To see how many vouchers you get through cashback offers, you can visit the My Vouchers section of the MyVodafone application. This offer is available until December 15 and is valid in certain Vodafone circles, including Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Tamil Nadu among others. However, like the Telecom Talk report, offers are only available for a number of denominations in several circles. This means that if you are in the Chennai telecommunications circle, you will not get cashback at Rs. 509 prepaid refills, even though this offer applies to all three unlimited prepaid refill options in Delhi-NCR. The refill package denomination is below the cashback offer which is also not identical in some eligible Vodafone circles. This means you will not be able to get the same Rs. 399, Rs. 458, and Rs. 509 refill options in all circles that qualify. Therefore, cashback applies according to rates available locally in some Vodafone circles.

Similar to the 100 percent cashback offer from Vodafone, Reliance Jio provides a similar voucher through the MyJio application. Airtel also presented the & # 39; My Coupons & # 39; to retrieve & # 39; My Vouchers & # 39; Jio. Telco also announced 100% cashback on the first refill of Rs. 399 and Rs. 448 as an introductory offer.

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